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Vermont’s White House Inn: A Historic Hotel With Ghostly Occurrences

Haunted Wilmington Inn Ghost Story

Spend the Night with Ghosts at Vermont's White House Inn

Nestled in the rolling green hills of Wilmington, Vermont stands the stately White House Inn, which harbors over a century's worth of haunted history within its antique walls. This once magnificent mansion was constructed in 1915 as a luxurious summer retreat for the wealthy Brown family. The original owners, Martin and Clara Brown, personally oversaw each extravagant detail, from the 14 hand-carved fireplaces to the ornate crown molding and meticulously painted wallpaper.

After Martin's untimely death, the grieving Clara moved herself permanently into what is now known as Room 9, hoping to feel closer to her beloved husband's spirit. To this day, Clara's melancholy ghost reportedly still dwells in that room, welcoming female guests who happen to share her married name. As the tragic tale goes, one modern Mrs. Brown awoke to find Clara's specter seated at her bedside, kindly informing her that “there is only room for one Mrs. Brown.” The shaken guest fled into the night, never to return.

Despite its wraith-like permanent residents, the stately manor house remains a popular destination for weekend travelers thanks to its refined vintage charm. Guests can select from 16 comfortably appointed rooms, many boasting opulent original features like clawfoot tubs, carved fireplaces, and private balconies overlooking the lush Vermont scenery.


When not enjoying the inn's handsome accommodations and locally-sourced dining, visitors can partake in peaceful countryside activities like hiking stunning trails, birdwatching from a rocking chair porch, or perusing the local art galleries, restaurants, and cafés in the quaint downtown area.

The White House Inn Harbors a Spooky Secret

Yet behind its quaint and verdant exterior, the White House Inn hides a spooky secret – it is haunted by countless restless spirits from its storied past, making paranormal encounters a very real possibility for brave guests…

Guests have reported feeling sudden chills, seeing objects move, doors opening, and lights turning on inexplicably.

The inn's current owner, Stacey Tabor, has experienced unexplainable events herself. One evening while painting alone, a mirror mysteriously moved locations. Another time an alarm sounded playing 1930s music, even though it hadn't been set. Tabor is not totally convinced ghosts are to blame, but admits these happenings make her reconsider skeptically dismissing the supernatural.

The Vault Ghost Lurking in the Basement

In the basement lurks another infamous spirit known as the “vault ghost.” As legend goes, he was a thief who Clara Brown caught stealing and locked in the iron vault. He perished down there and now haunts those who enter, especially dogs who growl and bark at the cellar door. During a seance, mediums reported feeling his tortured presence.

Despite its ghoulish guests, the White House Inn remains a beloved local landmark. A night in Clara's former bedroom or an eerie basement visit allows brave travelers a chance at their own spooky encounter. Just be warned, you may not be the only guest checking in!

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