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Most Haunted St. Michael’s College

Saint Michael's College
Saint Michael’s College

St. Michael’s College is located in Colchester, VT. It’s one of those colleges you drive by all the time and admire the beauty of the historic buildings. Seemingly, a picture perfect campus with a typical Vermont look and appeal. But are there strange things going on behind locked doors?

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St Michael’s (or St. Mikes, as it is known locally) campus may have ghostly inhabitants

The theater supposedly is haunted by a long dead nun who assists (or more likely frightens) actors. Incidents have been reported of props mysteriously disappearing, during performances, with no explanation.  Some claim that the men’s first year dormitory also houses an evil presence. In fact there are many paranormal stories about St Michael’s College including curses, ghosts, a disembodied arm and even an ax massacre alert in the area.

A rumor persists that in the 60s or 70s, young men were taking part in some sort of occult rituals within the walls of St Mikes

During one such covert meeting, a participant claims that he needed to close the “portal” before everyone involved in the ritual left, but by that time security had arrived and the group was escorted off campus. The door to the attic is padlocked shut. However, eerie lights have been seen in the attic. Footsteps have been heard in the middle of the night by residents sleeping on the top floor.

Joe Citro confirmed in his book Vermont Haunts, that the pentagram does indeed exist. As of 2011, the image of the pentagram still appears on the floor despite attempts to remove it. For more (much more) stories about St Michael’s College, read Joe Citro’s wonderfully eerie book Vermont Haunts.


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