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The Fantastic Mysteries of Vermont’s Bennington Triangle

Bennington Vermont Triangle

The Glastenbury area of Southern Vermont has been the subject of mysterious disappearances and odd occurrences for many years. The so-called “Bennington Triangle” is a phrase created by New England author Joseph A. Citro during a public radio broadcast in 1992. It describes a region of southwestern Vermont in which a number of people went missing between the years of 1920 and 1950. The best-known of which is probably that of Paula Jean Welden.

Glastenbury and its nearby township of Somerset were former logging and industrial towns that flourished in earlier years, but fell into decline toward the late 19th century. Both are now considered “ghost towns”, as they were unincorporated by the state legislature in 1937.

Bennington Triangle Vermont Disappearances

The Bennington Triangle is an area located in the southwestern corner of Vermont, United States. It is notorious for being the site of numerous mysterious disappearances that have baffled people for decades. The triangle is roughly bounded by the towns of Glastenbury, Woodford, and Bennington and covers an area of about 100 square miles. Several people have vanished without a trace in this area, leading to wild speculations about what could be behind the mysterious disappearances.

From supernatural forces to alien abduction, many theories have been proposed to explain the phenomenon. In this article, we will take a look at the historical accounts of disappearances, the theories behind them, and potential causes of the phenomenon.

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Overview of the Bennington Triangle

This mystery has been baffling folks for decades, with mysterious disappearances that have yet to be explained! The Bennington Triangle, located in Vermont, is an area of high paranormal activity and is considered the home of the mysterious disappearances of six people between 1945 and 1950. It is thought to be an area where the laws of reality are shifted and the veil between this world and the other is surprisingly thin, allowing for the strange events that have occurred here.

In addition, there have been reports of strange lights in the sky, strange creatures and even a phantom hitchhiker, all of which have added to the allure of the Bennington Triangle. It is believed that this area is the site of many unsolved mysteries and unexplained disappearances, and that the events that have occurred here may be connected to some dark, supernatural force.

Historical Accounts of Disappearances

You can't help but feel a chill as you read about these mysterious vanishings throughout the ages. As far back as 1873, there have been reports of disappearances in the Bennington Triangle area of Vermont. In 1945, a local family was hiking in the area and stumbled upon the skeletal remains of Middie Rivers. Rivers had gone missing two years prior, in 1943.

Over the years, there have been several other reports of disappearances in the area, including the mysterious case of Paula Jean Welden. Welden vanished in 1946 while walking along the Long Trail and her disappearance remains unsolved. More recently, in 1950, James E. Tetford vanished from a train station in Bennington and has never been found. These disappearances have left the area shrouded in mystery and have led to numerous theories as to what might be causing them.

Theories Explaining the Disappearances

Theories abound as to what could be behind these mysterious vanishings, but no concrete answer has yet been found. One of the most popular theories involves paranormal activity, with many believing the disappearances are the work of aliens or some other supernatural force.

Some have even suggested that the disappearances were caused by a time warp or an inter-dimensional portal. Other theories suggest the disappearances were caused by a secret government experiment, or that the area is home to some kind of secret cult or group. Some have even suggested that the disappearances are linked to the occult or to some kind of spiritual force. Whatever the cause, the truth remains a mystery to this day.

Supernatural Explanations

Do you believe in the supernatural? Maybe the source of these mysterious vanishings lies within the realm of the unknown. Some have suggested that the disappearances of five individuals in the Bennington Triangle in Vermont between 1945 and 1950 could be linked to a supernatural force. This theory states that the mysterious vanishings may be attributed to something paranormal such as aliens, a portal to another dimension, or even the mythical creature known as the Wendigo.

Although there is no hard evidence to support this hypothesis, it has become a popular explanation for the disappearances. Some have claimed that the area is home to strange phenomena such as strange lights in the sky, unusual sounds, and even the appearance of strange creatures. Others have suggested that the mysterious disappearances may be related to some form of energy vortex or portal to another realm. While these theories are largely unsubstantiated, they remain as possibilities in the minds of many who have studied the Bennington Triangle disappearances.

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Potential Causes of the Phenomenon

It's fascinating to consider the many potential explanations that could explain this unexplainable phenomenon, leaving you wondering what could be the cause. One possibility is that the disappearances were caused by a combination of environmental factors, such as dense forest, rugged terrain, and the fact that the area is so remote. This could make it difficult for people to get help or even to find their way out of the area.

Another potential explanation could be that some of the disappearances were the result of animal attacks or other forms of violence. It's possible that the individuals were attacked by wild animals or even killed by other humans in the area. As the area is so remote and secluded, it's possible that these attacks and killings went unnoticed and unreported. Finally, some have speculated that the disappearances could be due to paranormal activity, such as alien abductions or other supernatural phenomena.

While this type of explanation is highly speculative, it could potentially explain why so many people have gone missing in the same area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of the Bennington Triangle disappearances?

The current status of the mysterious disappearances is still unsolved. Over the past few decades, there have been numerous reports of people vanishing without a trace in the area, leaving behind only mysterious and unexplained clues. Despite numerous investigations and theories, no clear answer has been found as to what happened to these individuals. The area remains a mystery and a source of intrigue for many as the disappearances remain unresolved.

How many people have gone missing in the Bennington Triangle?

Over the years, reports of mysterious disappearances have come out of the Bennington Triangle area in Vermont. Reports vary, but it is believed that up to five people have gone missing in the area since 1945. These cases remain unsolved, with no clues or evidence as to what caused the disappearances. Some speculate that supernatural forces are at work, while others suggest the disappearances may be due to natural causes. Regardless, the mysteries of the Bennington Triangle remain unsolved.

Are there any other similar phenomena in other areas?

Across the globe, there have been reports of mysterious disappearances, often following the same pattern of inexplicable vanishings in a specific geographical area. This phenomenon is known as a “vortex,” and is thought to be the result of an area's natural energies.

In the United States, the most well-known vortex is the Bennington Triangle in Vermont, where multiple people have gone missing without a trace. But there are other vortexes around the country, as well as in other countries, where people have gone missing in mysterious circumstances. These include the North Atlantic Triangle, the Michigan Triangle, the Nevada Triangle, and the Bermuda Triangle. It is important to remember that, while there may be some scientific explanations for these phenomena, there is still much to be discovered.

Is there any evidence of foul play in the disappearances?

The mysterious disappearances in the Bennington Triangle region of Vermont have long been a source of speculation, with many wondering whether foul play was involved. Reports of strange sightings in the area dating back to the 1940s have only further fueled the fire of this suspicion, with many believing that something sinister may have been at work. While there is no concrete evidence of foul play in the disappearances, the mysterious nature of the incidents has led some to believe that these cases may never be fully solved.

Are there any new theories about the Bennington Triangle disappearances?

In recent years, a number of theories have been proposed to explain the mysterious disappearances in the Bennington Triangle area of Vermont. Some believe that a supernatural force is at work, while others think that the disappearances could be the result of foul play. There are still many unanswered questions about the Bennington Triangle disappearances, and the lack of evidence has left people searching for new theories to explain the events.


The Bennington Triangle has become a source of mystery and intrigue for many over the past decades. While there have been numerous theories proposed to explain the disappearances, there is still no definitive answer to what happened. It is possible that there is a combination of natural, supernatural, and human causes at play.

At the end of the day, the Bennington Triangle remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time. Hopefully, with more research and investigation, we will someday be able to uncover the truth behind these strange disappearances. Until then, we can only speculate as to what really happened in the Bennington Triangle.

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