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Discover Grand Isle, Vermont: A Gem in Lake Champlain’s Crown

Imagine being on Lake Champlain’s serene shores. Grand Isle, Vermont, is a hidden gem in lush greenery. It’s in Grand Isle County, offering tranquility and natural beauty. The area earns its reputation for breathtaking landscapes and exciting outdoor activities. It also has landmarks and plenty of local farms filled with history (and cows).

Discover Grand Isle, an enchanting place that promises unforgettable memories. It’s a blend of beauty and heritage. This jewel of Lake Champlain has something special for everyone. So, grab the car keys and get ready for a road trip to the beautiful Champlain Islands!

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Your Grand Isle Bucket List

  • Grand Isle, VT, offers a picturesque scape, perfect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking serenity.
  • The county's unique charm lies in its small-town ambiance, historical richness, and welcoming locals.
  • Lake Champlain presents a vast playground for boating, fishing, and exploring the stunning vistas.
  • Grand Isle State Park provides a versatile escape with its camping spots and variety of outdoor activities.
  • The historic allure of areas like Hyde Log Cabin & Schoolhouse lends an educational twist to your adventure.
  • Take part in the close-knit community life through local markets, regional gastronomy, and communal events.
  • With accessible ferry services, the exploration of surrounding Champlain Islands becomes an effortless extension of your Grand Isle visit.

Why is Grand Isle, VT a Must-Visit Destination?

Looking for a getaway from everyday stress? Well, Grand Isle, Vermont, is a perfect choice for a road trip or bike ride. This beautiful town in Grand Isle County offers more than just views. It provides you with experiences that call out to travelers with its special Vermont country charm.

The unique charm of Grand Isle County

Life here has a slower pace, letting you take in the charming towns and friendly communities. People welcome you with genuine smiles against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. Every spot, from cozy coffee shops to serene lakeside beaches, radiates a charm that's uniquely Vermont.

Exploring the beauty of Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is the region’s crown jewel. Picture yourself sailing across the water, feeling the fresh breeze. Or maybe fishing, waiting excitedly for a catch. The lake’s stunning beauty offers both thrilling adventures and peaceful moments. People come from all around the world to enjoy the area and fresh country air.

Grand Isle State Park: Vermont's Enjoyable Getaway

Grand Isle State Park is your escape from city noise. You can camp under the green trees or hike forested paths. It’s a place where everyone, from families to solo adventurers, can enjoy the beauty of nature. Here's a bit more info for you to consider and why Vermont state parks are a great choice.

What to See and Do at Grand Isle State Park

Escape to the beautiful Grand Isle State Park. It’s a place full of nature’s wonders. Here, you can camp under the stars, chill by the lake, or learn about local fish. This park gives you many ways to enjoy the outdoors. Ok, let’s explore what makes this spot so special!

Camping and cabins: Staying in Grand Isle's natural haven

Camping at Grand Isle State Park is perfect for outdoor lovers. You’ll find comfortable cabins and big campsites in the greenery. At night, enjoy the quiet, make a campfire, and stare at the stars. It’s the best way to experience this treasured part of Vermont.

Outdoor activities: From hiking to boating in Lake Champlain

For those who seek adventure, many outdoor activities await. Hike the trails and see the park’s many plants and animals. Boating on Lake Champlain is another great option. You can kayak gently or water ski with energy. There’s something fun for everyone here.

The Ed Weed Fish Culture Station

Don’t miss the Ed Weed Fish Culture Station. It’s all about fish growth and keeping the lake healthy. Take a tour to learn about fish life cycles and conservation efforts. It’s an interesting visit for all ages. It shows how dedicated the area is to Vermont’s water life. It's easy to find and near the Grand Isle Ferry. So, if you're crossing into Vermont from Plattsburgh, NY, the Ed Weed Fish Culture Station is literally, just across the road.

Discovering Grand Isle's Historical Sites

As you walk, bike or boat around Grand Isle, you experience where history happened. This place shows you how the past shaped us. It's an area filled with open fields and farms that are still operating. Have fun and explore Grand Isle’s unique heritage and country comforts!

Step back in time at the Hyde Log Cabin & Schoolhouse

On Grand Isle, the Hyde Log Cabin welcomes you with its old charm. Built in the 1700s, it’s one of America’s oldest log cabins. Nearby, a one-room schoolhouse shows how kids once learned. The Hyde Log Cabin was built in 1783 by Jedidiah Hyde, a Green Mountain Boy. The Champlain Islands were given to Revolutionary Way Veterans as a reward for their service. The Hyde Log Cabin cabin was saved from demolition and moved in 1946 by the Vermont Historical Society.

A visit to the Hyde Log Cabin takes you back to Grand Isle’s early days. It helps you see the roots of today’s Vermont.

Visiting Nearby Isle La Motte and its significance in the American Revolution

Close to Grand Isle, Isle La Motte has a revolutionary past. It was a key spot during the American Revolution. There, you’ll find tales of bravery and smart moves that fought for freedom. It's about a half and hour drive from Grand Isle and absolutely worth the trip!

History mixes with the island’s calmness. It’s a place where the past and present meet.

A Community Guide to Grand Isle, VT

Discover the country charm and beauty of Grand Isle, VT. It’s more than just a pretty place. It’s a community filled with taste, learning, faith, and culture. Come with us on a journey that is as rich in feeling as it is in taste. Yep, we're locals and we know are way around.

Local food delights: Emmons Supermarket and DonnaSue Bakes+Cooks Pies

Emmons Supermarket offers fresh ingredients and a warm welcome. In addition to being a full grocery store, they offer fresh hot coffee, sandwiches, burgers and many other hot, delicious foods to go. For those who are searching for gluten free options, they've got you covered. Stock up on beverages, groceries and gasoline. Emmons Supermarket has got you covered!

Meanwhile, DonnaSue Bakes+Cooks Pies has homemade pies to die for. They capture the essence of Vermont perfectly.

DonnaSue Bakes+Cooks Pies

As you drive along Route 2, you will see the above location, DonnaSue Bakes+Cooks Pies. They have all sorts of baked goodies, pies and much more and like several other farms and flower shops in the area, you pay by the honor system. You don't see that very often in this day and age, so grab your goodies and don't forget to add a tip! They will surely appreciate it.

The heart of the community: Grand Isle School and St. Joseph – Our Lady of the Lake Parish Church

At the heart of it all are Grand Isle School and St. Joseph – Our Lady of the Lake Parish Church. They guide both minds and souls. These places weave together the community of Grand Isle, fostering a bond through education and faith.

Engaging in local traditions at the Saturday Farmers Market

The Saturday Farmers Market at Saint Joseph’s Church in Grand Isle, comes alive every weekend (and on Wednesdays in nearby South Hero). It displays the best produce and crafts from the island. Meet local craft workers and farmers. The Champlain Islands Farmers Market is a summertime ritual cherished by locals and visitors alike.

From the earth's bounty to artisanal delights, this vibrant gathering offers a cornucopia of delectable produce, succulent meats, mouth-watering baked treats, luscious fruits, exquisite vintages, and spirits to delight the palate. Handcrafted wares, intricate woodwork displays, and tempting pies beckon the senses, creating a tapestry of sights, scents, and flavors. As you meander through this busy marketplace, you'll be greeted by the warmest of smiles and the most affable of vendors, eager to share their wares and stories.

The Champlain Islands Farmers Market is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, its mission rooted in fostering community bonds and championing Vermont's farmers, ensuring a future where local, nourishing fare remains accessible to all. Enjoy the lively scene and the sense of community. Their 2024 summer season begins on May 18th.

Exploring the Surrounding Champlain Islands

Your adventure extends beyond Grand Isle. Discover the unique Champlain Islands around. Look for a peaceful beach in South Hero or take a historical tour in Isle La Motte. Enjoy the Lake Champlain views from the town of Alburgh at the Rouse's Point Bridge that brings travelers to New York State. You will also see the ruins of historic Fort Montgomery, in the distance. There’s something for everyone.

A day trip to South Hero and North Hero

South Hero and North Hero are veritable treasures. They offer the best for a day trip. Quaint shops, peaceful scenery, and tasty food await. It’s easy to switch from adventure to relaxation.

Emmons Island Haunted Trail for Autumn Fun

When it comes to Halloween and the cool winds of autumn fill the air, you will find an unusual site of skeletons, werewolves and other creatures greeting you from the side of Route 2. This short-lived, seasonal event only takes place for a few weeks and becomes very popular, so make sure to plan ahead if you'd like to visit.

Vermont Haunted History: Vermont Ghost Stories, Folklore, Myths, Curses and Legends (The Vermonter Series)
Vermont Haunted History: Vermont Ghost Stories, Folklore, Myths, Curses and Legends (The Vermonter Series)
Alexander, William M. (Author); English (Publication Language); 74 Pages – 08/26/2018 (Publication Date) – Independently published (Publisher)
$12.99 Amazon Prime

Isle La Motte: A tranquil retreat at Northern Lake Champlain

Seeking peace? Isle La Motte is your spot. It’s a peaceful corner in Northern Lake Champlain. Perfect for quiet thought or a relaxing day by the water. It promises true refreshment. Saint Anne's Shrine is not to be missed and is a popular destination for many visitors, worldwide.

Accessing the islands: Ferry services from Burlington and Plattsburgh

Grand Isle Ferry

Getting to the Champlain Islands is easy. With ferry services from Burlington and Plattsburgh, your adventure is close. Start your trip with ease. Soon, you’ll be exploring your next island destination. Explore local towns of South Hero, North Hero, Isle La Motte and Alburgh.

Real Estate in Grand Isle: Finding Homes for Sale

Alpine Web Media

Looking for a peaceful place surrounded by nature? Grand Isle, by Lake Champlain, offers this serene lifestyle. It has a range of homes for sale, including cozy cottages and big waterfront properties. These homes provide stunning lake views and allow for exciting water activities. Whether it’s a holiday house or a new home, you’ll find Grand Isle captivating.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Forgotten Tales of Vermont
  • Alexander, William M. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages – 06/27/2008 (Publication Date) – The History Press (Publisher)

The allure of waterfront properties on Lake Champlain

Imagine starting your day with the sound of waves and ending it with a beautiful sunset. Lake Champlain’s waterfront homes provide this experience daily. These properties not only have stunning views but are also perfect for boating and fishing. Investing here means enjoying Vermont’s natural beauty and engaging in waterside activities.

Investing in Grand Isle: A guide to the local real estate market

The real estate market on Grand Isle is both vibrant and diverse. It offers both old-world charm and modern homes, fitting various tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking to invest or find a permanent residence, knowing the market is key. With professional help, you can navigate the buying process smoothly, finding your ideal home in this beautiful area.


Q: What are the must-visit state parks in Grand Isle, Vermont?

A: Grand Isle is home to some of the most picturesque state parks in Vermont. Knight Point State Park, for instance, is a highlight, known for its pristine shoreline and family-friendly activities. It’s part of the Vermont State Parks system and offers a range of outdoor activities, from hiking to swimming in Lake Champlain. Grand Isle State Park, another gem, holds the title for the most-visited campground in the state, thanks to its extensive facilities and stunning lake views.

Q: Where can I find local produce and goods in Grand Isle?

A: For those looking to indulge in local produce, Pomykala Farm is a must-visit. They offer a wide range of fresh, seasonal vegetables. The town of Grand Isle hosts a vibrant farmer’s market during the summer months, where you can find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. It’s a great opportunity to support local farmers and artisans.

Q: Are there any historical sites to visit in Grand Isle?

A: Absolutely! Absolutely! The St. Joseph – Our Lady of the Lake Parish Church is not only a place of worship but also a site of historical significance for the community. The Ellison Estate Vineyard offers a peek into the local wine-making tradition, paired with the history of the beautiful estate itself. These locations offer visitors a unique look into the rich cultural and historical landscape of Grand Isle.

Q: Can you recommend places to stay in Grand Isle?

Grand Isle Lake House

A: Grand Isle boasts a variety of accommodations that cater to different preferences. The Grand Isle Lake House is perfect for those looking for a bit of luxury with stunning lake views. For a more rustic experience, The Maples Seasonal Cottages offer charming cabins close to Lake Champlain. There are also many campgrounds for the more adventurous, with Grand Isle State Park being the most-visited campground in the state.

Q: What are some activities for water enthusiasts in Grand Isle?

A: Grand Isle is a paradise for water lovers. Ladd’s Landing Marina is the go-to spot for boating enthusiasts, offering rentals and all the facilities. The park’s property extends along the Lake Champlain shoreline, offering ample opportunities for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The lake’s islands, including South Hero Island, provide many spots for a day on the water.

Q: What educational opportunities are available in Grand Isle?

A: For families considering moving to Grand Isle, the town offers educational opportunities through the Grand Isle Supervisory Union. The Grand Isle Elementary School serves the educational needs of the younger residents. The community’s close-knit nature ensures a supportive environment for students.

Q: How does Grand Isle's location enhance its appeal to visitors?

A: Situated in the northern half of Lake Champlain Islands, Grand Isle’s unique location offers stunning panoramic views and easy access to both Vermont and Montreal. Its position ensures visitors can enjoy the tranquility of island life while being a short drive from the attractions and conveniences of a larger city. The combination of scenic beauty, proximity to major locations, and the array of activities available makes Grand Isle a must-visit destination.

Q: What are some tips for visiting Grand Isle for the first time?

A: First-timers in Grand Isle should definitely explore its state parks to soak in the natural beauty. Packing for a day at the lake is a must, with plenty of opportunities for water activities. Exploring the local farmer’s market and supporting local businesses can enrich your visit. Last, don’t forget to check out the local vineyards and farms for a taste of Grand Isle’s local produce and wines.

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