September 23, 2023
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Charlotte Vermont

Charlotte is a small Vermont town south of Shelburne and Burlington on the Lake Champlain shoreline

Many of the back roads traversing the town of Charlotte are scenic with views of Camel’s Hump and Lake Champlain. Although Charlotte is a small village it certainly is picturesque and has that “Vermont feel”. Lake Champlain ferry access to New York is accessible in Charlotte and you’re just minutes away from the Shelburne Apple Orchards.

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It’s no wonder that the drive through town along Rte 7 is often referred to as one of the most scenic drives in Vermont.

Only 10 minutes from Burlington, VT., Charlotte offers a bit less hectic way of life in a laid back, typical Vermont fashion.

Whether you’re in the mood for a slow Sunday drive or a casual hike, Charlotte is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Take the ferry to Essex, NY for a quick 20 minute excursion.

The drive to the top of Mt. Philo only takes about 5 or 10 minutes.

Mt Philo view of Lake Champlain

For those who prefer to hike, you can park at the bottom and walk up the hiking trail which is a fairly short 15 minute hike through the woods to to the top. There are two small camping areas at the top and an enclosed picnic shelter area. Mt. Philo is a short, easily accessible mountain with spectacular views.

A Freaky Mt Philo Ghost Story?

Is Mt Philo haunted? What’s up with the broom that was caught on video standing by itself at Mt Philo?
There is possibly a new ghost story at Charlotte’s Mount Philo State Park. “The interesting part of this story is one of the girls, a very cute brown eyed blond about three feet tall, admitted she was the initiator of the stone throwing. She tells me “there was a ghost floating in the window. He was tall, bald, and had his hands outstretched.” She stretched her arms out and says “not really like this but more like this.” 
If seeing is truly believing, check out the video below and Mt. Philo Ranger John Frigault sharing the intriguing ghost story on the VT State Parks blog.

Other area attractions around the Charlotte area include the Basin Harbor Maritime Museum and Dakin Farms, in nearby Ferrisburgh. Shelburne Museum and Vermont Teddy Bear are located in nearby Shelburne, VT. The Homes Creek covered bridge is located on Lake Road, between Charlotte and Shelburne.

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