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Experience the Charm of South Hero: Vermont’s Historic Lakefront Gem

South Hero Vermont

South Hero, Vermont, is a beautiful town on Lake Champlain’s shores. It has a rich history dating back to 1786. People know the town for its charm, scenic views, and a quiet life away from the city. It’s part of the Champlain Islands, offering a peaceful place with a stunning backdrop. People love it for its mix of historic roots and nature. With all that to consider, perhaps it's time for a visit to South Hero! Read on and discover what you'll find in this special place.

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Crossing the Sandbar Bridge to the Champlain Islands

Causeway Photo by Doug Kerr

Sometimes, South Hero feels a bit “tucked away” from the rest of Vermont, most likely due to the trip across the sandbar that connects Milton to South Hero. The trip is only several miles long but the views are spectacular. There is a large area to pull over and admire the views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.

Sand Bar State Park

Sand Bar State Park derives its moniker from a natural formation, the sandbar that spans between South Hero Island in Grand Isle County and the town of Milton on the Vermont mainland. This park is situated on the eastern extremity of this sandbar, on the mainland side.

The sandbar itself is a result of the Lamoille River's relentless flow over tens of thousands of years, carrying sediment downstream from the present Lamoille Valley. This river-borne material gradually settled at the bottom as the river emptied into the lake, eventually filling the lake to create the marshland south and east of the park, and the sandbar to the west. Without this sandbar, the natural lake depths in this area would exceed 150 feet.

These days, due to the sandbar's presence, the water depth along its crest towards South Hero is now merely a couple of feet deep. Because of these shallow waters, the route along the sandbar served as a ford from the mainland to the islands well before the construction of the first bridge in 1850.

Sand Bar State Park Facilities and Amenities

The Sand Bar State Park is open to day use visitors only. There is a two thousand foot (2000′) sand beach offering great swimming. There are shaded and open picnic grounds with tables and cooking grills as well as a play area. Recent construction in 2023/2024 offers safety changes to the parking entrance off route 2, to make coming and going less hazardous.

An archaeological dig conducted around the same time, unearthed Native American artifacts dating back to the 1500's.

South Hero Bucket List Bonanza

  • South Hero VT is a quintessential historic town with roots tracing back to the American Revolution.
  • Known for its scenic beauty, South Hero offers breathtaking landscapes and a serene lakeside environment.
  • The town provides a peaceful retreat, reflecting the tranquil lifestyle of lakeshore living in Vermont.
  • With its rich heritage, South Hero Vermont celebrates community closeness and independence, fostered by its unique location.
  • Lake Champlain adds to the town’s charm, presenting opportunities for rest, recreation, and reflection upon its historical significance.
  • Visitors can expect to be captivated by the town’s natural allure and the warm embrace of a community rich in tradition.
  • A journey to South Hero, VT is more than a getaway; it is an immersive experience in a land that time has cherished.

Why South Hero is a Hidden Gem in Vermont

Many people comment that South Hero and the Champlain Islands seem to be apart from Vermont and unique in it's own location. Perhaps that feeling is because of the long causeway expanse that makes it feel like you're “leaving Vermont and going somewhere else”. Much like the Rouse's Point Bridge that crosses from Alburgh to New York state. Once you ariive on the “other side” something just feels different.

The good news is that once you cross over the causeway into South Hero, there is a lot to see and enjoy. From apple orchards to vineyards and acres of farmland, this really feels like traditional Vermont. That's the vibe that many visitors and locals comment about.

Lake Champlain (Images of America)
Lake Champlain (Images of America)
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (Author); English (Publication Language); 128 Pages – 10/06/2014 (Publication Date) – Arcadia Publishing (Publisher)
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South Hero lies at the heart of Grand Isle County. It represents everything charming about Vermont. It’s a beautiful blend of nature, history, and farming richness. Visiting this quiet town shows Vermont’s simple beauty. It leaves visitors with lasting memories of fresh air and wide open, panoramic view.

The Charm of Small Town South Hero in Grand Isle County

South Hero’s winding roads and cozy eateries capture a bygone era’s charm. The community’s warmth in Grand Isle County is inviting. People who find South Hero for the first time feel an immediate connection. They keep coming back for its peace and beauty. As you drive into the town center, you will notice farms, a new brewery pub – Two Heroes Brewery, a town library and community health center. For the elderly, C.I.D.E.R. provides rides for seniors and people with disabilities.

Apple Island Resort

Nestled in idyllic South Hero, this exquisite Lake Champlain RV resort presents you with an array of accommodations to suit your every preference. Lake Champlain RV resort offers RV sites, tent sites, rustic cabins, cottages, and a remodeled farmhouse. Regardless of your choice, each accommodation is thoughtfully appointed with a picnic table and a fire ring, inviting you to create cherished outdoor memories amidst the natural splendor that surrounds you.

Convenience Store and Places to Eat in South Hero Village

Discover the ever popular Seb's Snack Bar, Victoria's Cafe Thai & American, Blue Paddle Bistro and Pan's Pizza, all within walking distance. There are several gas stations/convenience stores and Keeler Bay Variety Store in the area for groceries and quick snacks to go. Before the turn to Ferry Road, you'll find McKees Pub and Island Beverage.

Arbor Farm Market is a Farmer-owned marketplace in South Hero featuring local produce and Vermont products. They are conveniently located in the center of South Hero.

South Hero’s Rich Agricultural and Vineyard Landscape

South Hero’s countryside is thriving. It’s home to farms and places like the Snow Farm Vineyard. The area’s bountiful crops support a local farm-to-table movement. This shows how much Vermont values its land and food. The bond between the earth, its produce, and people is central here.

Whites Beach: Summer Swimming Bliss Awaits

Tucked away in the quaint town of South Hero, Vermont, is a serene and secluded spot called White's Beach. This petite, pebbly shoreline offers a tranquil retreat along with the other beaches in the Champlain Islands. With convenient roadside parking, visitors can easily access and immerse themselves in the serenity of Lake Champlain's crystalline waters, which lie just a stone's throw away, a mere hundred yards from the beach.

When planning a visit to White's Beach, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the parking arrangements and guidelines to ensure a seamless and pleasurable experience. For non-residents, the window for the beach parking lottery has closed, but they can mark their calendars to register in April for the subsequent year. On the other hand, residents can secure their beach parking permits starting Monday, May 1st, 2024. These permits come with a modest fee of $5 each, and households are limited to a maximum of two permits. It's important to highlight that permits are mandatory from Memorial weekend through September 30th.

Exploring the Natural Beauty: From Birdhouse Forest to Lake Champlain

south hero dinosaurs and birdhouses
Photo courtesy of Chad Abramovich

The birdhouse forest and dinosaur statues are all across the road from White's Beach, a popular swimming and family fun destination on Lake Champlain. Nature enthusiasts adore South Hero. They love its unique birdhouse forest and the shores of Lake Champlain. Walking here, you’ll feel like traveling back in time. Life-sized dinosaur statues add to the magic. This shows the town’s creative spirit meeting nature.

Unveiling the Mystique of South Hero’s Attractions

South Hero, wrapped in Lake Champlain’s calm waters, reveals attractions that enchant visitors. It has fairy-tale buildings and summer havens along its edges. This Vermont treasure offers an escape into a world where nature and fantasy blend. As you drive around South Hero, Milton and some of the other Champlain Islands towns, you will be surprised to see these unique fairy-tale castles.

Miniature Castles by Harry Barber: A Fairy-Tale Adventure

Enter the world of Harry Barber castles. These are stone fortresses created by a local dreamer. Visiting feels like stepping into a fairy-tale, with each castle opening a door to an adventure in South Hero. Families and history enthusiasts get taken back to a whimsical time of knights and royalty. These tiny wonders are key attractions in South Hero.

Discover Providence Island, Carleton's Prize and Stave Island

As you're relaxing on White's Beach, you may notice a variety of islands off in the distance on Lake Champlain. If you're curious about their origins and stories, check out this great article.

A Guide to Living in South Hero: What You Need to Know

Are you drawn to the Lake Champlain Islands? Living in South Hero might be for you. It’s more than moving to a new place. People know this part of Vermont for its close community and the slower pace of life. Here, life feels like a peaceful getaway every day. You can enjoy long stretches of shoreline and the strong community vibe. It’s all about living quietly and enjoying each day.

Real Estate Opportunities: Finding Your Dream Home

The South Hero real estate market has something for everyone. You can find lakefront homes with magnificent views, rustic farms, or cozy neighborhoods. It’s a family-friendly area, perfect for making a life in the calm of the Champlain Islands. Though as of the time that this article was written, home prices remain high and inventory low.

Community Life in South Hero: A Look into Residents’ Lifestyles

In South Hero, the community is very active. People come together for town meetings and buy fresh food at the farmers’ markets. The sense of togetherness is clear. Residents enjoy the local orchards, work on conservation, and celebrate together at festivals. These activities show how connected they are with their surroundings and each other.

Education, Amenities, and Connectivity: The Pillars of South Hero Living

South Hero is more than just scenic. Its education, amenities, and connectivity make it a great place. Parents value the educational options. Meanwhile, everyone enjoys the activities and authentic experiences that define living here. There are several daycare facilities in South Hero and the Folsom Elementary School is a great place for kids to attend school.

Activities and Experiences: Making the Most of Your Trip to South Hero

South Hero Island Line Trail: Biking and Views like Nowhere Else

Exploring the Island Line Trail is a must in South Hero. It’s perfect for biking enthusiasts and nature lovers. You’ll see amazing Lake Champlain views as you bike along the long causeway between South Hero and Colchester, that showcase South Hero’s beauty.

Seasonal Delights: Apple Picking and Wine Tasting at Local Farms

South Hero changes beautifully with the seasons. It’s perfect for apple picking in autumn at Hacketts Orchard or Allenholm Farm. Wine tasting at Snow Farm Vineyard is recommended. These activities showcase South Hero’s agricultural charm.

Ferry Rides and Neighboring Islands: Expanding Your Adventure

Looking for more adventures? Ferry rides make exploring the neighboring islands easy. It opens up more experiences in the Champlain archipelago. Just beyond the South Hero line, you will cross over to Grand Isle. Take a scenic ferry ride across Lake Champlain to Plattsburgh, New York.

Navigating the Real Estate Scene in South Hero

If you love the peace of lakeside living, look at South Hero’s real estate. It’s great for homebuyers and investors. You find homes that reflect Vermont’s calm lifestyle here.

Why South Hero’s Real Estate Market Is Attracting Attention

Many are noticing South Hero’s real estate for its tranquility, community, and beauty. It’s becoming more than a vacation spot for many people.

The Future of South Hero: Trends and Growth Projections

Picture the town of South Hero, blending the new with the old. It’s predicted to grow in ways that keep its old charm. Travel tips say to dive into the local culture and enjoy the unique seasonal highlights.

Planning Your Visit: Tips and Tricks for an Unforgettable Trip to South Hero

For a great stay, know the travel tips for South Hero. Planning ahead lets you see the best seasonal highlights. You can enjoy quiet time or fun outdoor adventures, all while respecting the community.

Best Times to Visit: Seasonal Highlights in South Hero

South Hero shines in different seasons, showing off its beauty. Spring blooms and fall colors are a must-see. The climate also supports activities that highlight Vermont’s nature and culture. The busiest time of year lasts from June through October. The autumn colors and abundance of fresh apples and pumpkins make for a busy environment.

During the Winter months, ice fishing enthusiasts flock to South Hero

The aquatic realms surrounding the enchanting Lake Champlain Islands beckon anglers with the promise of bountiful catches. The bays teem with majestic trophy pike, the elusive bowfin, and an abundance of bass and panfish, providing a thrilling challenge for those seeking to test their angling prowess. However, the fishing opportunities extend far beyond these sheltered waters, as the depths conceal a wealth of coveted species. Here, the intrepid angler may pursue the legendary lake trout, the prized salmon, the formidable walleye, and the sought-after yellow and white perch, each species offering a unique and exhilarating pursuit amidst the pristine beauty of these waters.

Accommodation and Dining: Staying and Eating in South Hero

Choosing accommodations in South Hero adds to its charm, with many options. Local dining makes your stay deeply personal. Whether it’s a cozy bed and breakfast or a private lakeside cottage, local food highlights the area’s farming roots. We already mentioned some of the best places to eat and relax above but as you explore the rest of the Champlain Islands, you will find an abundance of unique lodging and dining options.

Packing Essentials: What to Bring for an Outdoor Adventure

Prepping for South Hero, especially for outdoor adventures, means being ready for any weather. Pack layers, gear for hiking, swimwear, and a camera to capture the beauty of South Hero.

SeasonActivityRecommended Packing Item
SpringBird WatchingBinoculars and Field Guides
SummerLake ActivitiesSwimwear and Sunscreen
FallFoliage ToursLayered Clothing and Camera
WinterIce FishingInsulated Outerwear and Fishing Gear


South Hero VT is a quiet treasure waiting for those who love lakeshore life. It holds a rich history, part of the Champlain Islands’ tale. It combines peaceful moments with a deep look into America’s past. It’s more than just beautiful views. Every visit feels special here. This town moved from a place of early American struggles to a peaceful lakeside spot. It perfectly mixes old stories with new comforts.

South Hero VT keeps its calm charm as it changes. Even as the world hurries up, this town stays slow and welcoming. It shows that lakeside living can change your life. This town isn’t just a spot on the map. It’s a doorway to peace and lasting magic.


Q: What makes South Hero, VT a unique place to live or visit?

A: South Hero, VT stands out because of its scenic beauty, nestled on the southern half of South Hero Island in Lake Champlain. This charming town is a blend of strong agricultural roots with apple orchards, dairy farms, and wineries, including the well-known Snow Farm Vineyard. Its proximity to larger cities like Burlington and Plattsburgh via the Grand Isle Ferry makes it a peaceful yet accessible retreat. Whether you’re a tourist looking to explore the quaintness of the area or someone looking to relocate, you’ll find something special in South Hero’s community and natural surroundings.

Q: Can you tell me about the real estate market in South Hero, VT?

A: The real estate market in South Hero is diverse, offering everything from lakeside cottages to grand farmhouses. Because of its desirable location on Lake Champlain and its limited population, properties here can be on the pricier side. However, the town’s serene setting, with its mix of scenic beauty and the convenience of being close to Burlington and Colchester, makes it a sought-after place for both vacation homes and permanent residences. Whether you’re looking for a summer getaway or a forever home, South Hero provides a range of options to suit various preferences and budgets.

Q: What are some popular attractions in South Hero, VT?

A: South Hero is home to a variety of attractions that cater to tourists and locals alike. Lake Champlain offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming, with White’s Beach being a popular spot for relaxation. Additionally, the island town is famous for its wineries and farms, such as the Allenholm Farm and Hackett’s Orchard, which offer apple picking and homemade maple syrup for visitors to enjoy. The South Hero Land Trust has made great strides in conserving the island’s natural landscapes, making it a haven for hiking, biking, and wildlife observation. For history enthusiasts, the South Hero Historical Society provides insights into the town’s rich past.

Q: Are there community events in South Hero, VT?

A: Yes, South Hero hosts a variety of community events throughout the year that bring locals and visitors together. During the summer, the Farmers Market is a popular destination for purchasing local produce, arts, and crafts. The island also celebrates the Fourth of July with a traditional parade and fireworks display. Autumn brings the Applefest, celebrating the town’s agricultural heritage with apple tasting, cider making, and family-friendly activities. These events, among others, showcase the tight-knit community and the pride the residents have in their town.

Q: How can one get to South Hero, VT?

A: South Hero is accessible via several routes, depending on your starting point. For those coming from Burlington, the quickest way is driving north on Interstate 89, taking exit 17 for US-2 West towards the Lake Champlain Islands. Visitors traveling from New York can take the Grand Isle Ferry from Plattsburgh, which offers a scenic route across Lake Champlain directly to Grand Isle, just a short drive from South Hero. There’s a bike ferry from the Colchester Causeway to South Hero for cyclists exploring the region. This makes South Hero readily accessible by car, bike, or even on foot for adventurous travelers.

Q: What is the population of South Hero, VT?

A: As of the 2010 census, South Hero, part of the town of Grand Isle, had a population of around 1,631 residents. The community is small and close-knit, with a blend of families, farmers, and small business owners. The population reflects the town’s quiet, rural character, yet it’s bustling with tourists and vacationers in the summer months, making it feel more lively and diverse. This balance between a peaceful, small-town life and a vibrant tourist destination is part of what makes South Hero so appealing.

Q: What types of outdoor activities are available in South Hero, VT?

A: Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of activities to enjoy in South Hero. With Lake Champlain providing a picturesque backdrop, water-based activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular. The town also boasts several parks and natural areas, including the Grand Isle State Park and Sand Bar State Park, offering hiking, picnicking, and camping opportunities. For cyclists and joggers, the Island Line Rail Trail presents a unique experience, especially with the bike ferry that connects the trail over a gap in the causeway. In winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are favorite pastimes as the landscape transforms into a snowy wonderland.

Q: Is South Hero, VT a good place for families?

A: Absolutely! South Hero’s safe, welcoming environment and powerful sense of community make it an ideal place for families. South Hero’s Folsom School serves the town’s educational needs, offering kindergarten through 8th grade, while high school students usually attend schools in nearby towns. The area’s natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities provide plenty of opportunities for children to explore and play. Plus, the community events throughout the year offer fun, family-oriented experiences. South Hero offers a healthy lifestyle with a quality of life hard to find elsewhere.

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