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Discover the Quirky Charm of Vermont in “Funny Farm” Movie

Funny Farm Movie

Vermont was a busy place for making movies back in the 1980's when Hollywood decided to take advantage of the scenic canvas that was available for them to work with.

Funny Farm was a 1988 movie filmed on location in Vermont

“Funny Farm” was a 1988 comedy film directed by George Roy Hill and starring Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith Osborne. The film follows a couple, Andy and Elizabeth Farmer, who decide to leave the hectic lifestyle of New York City and move to a rural town in Vermont to pursue Andy's dream of becoming a writer.

Funny Farm (DVD)
  • Chevy Chase, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Joseph Maher (Actors)
  • George Roy Hill (Director) – Jeffrey Boam (Writer) – Robert Crawford Jr. (Producer) – Jay Cronley (Author)
  • Audience Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Much of the filming for “Funny Farm” took place on location in the town of Townshend, Vermont, as well as in other parts of Windham County. The production made use of several local buildings and homes to serve as settings for the movie.

The movie takes us through all four seasons in the small town of Redbud, Vermont, but it ends during the holidays when the Farmers’ charming Cape Cod home is decorated with white lights and covered in snow. The movie is a long time favorite and even though it was produced years ago, remains a subject of curiosity among popular movies “filmed in Vermont“.

Grafton Village Vermont Funny Farm Filming Location

The “Hall House” house sits on a hill above the village of Grafton at the end of a road just past the village fire pond. It's located at 198 Fire Pond Road, Grafton, Vermont 05146. In the movies, the postman roars past the house on his rounds but in reality, he would have had to turn around just off screen.

Funny Farm Film Shooting Locations

The home is a simple Cape Cod style house.  According to the Grafton Historical Society the house still exists and is a private residence.  The exterior and interior house shots in the movie were of the same house. The owners’ furnishings were moved out and stored, and the movie company furnished the house to fit their needs.

The covered bridge is the one just a little way past Downer's Four Corners (intersection of 131/106) in Weathersfield (you would be going 131W) if coming from Downers. The pond is in Windsor, VT.

Some of the remnants of the Funny Farm movie still remain there today

The scenes where Andy and Elizabeth go into town and Andy runs off to the baseball game while Elizabeth shops at the antique store were filmed in Townshend, VT.  The filmmakers built the gazebo and the community liked it so much that they kept it. It’s still standing there today.

Check out this video that provides an update on some of the filming locations as of 2019.

What Other Movies Have Been Filmed in Vermont?

Vermont's sporadic Hollywood movie scene has seen a handful of films shot in the state. Notable titles include Beetlejuice, where Tim Burton transformed Vermont's actual town of East Corinth into the fictional town of Winter River, CT; Baby Boom, a heartwarming comedy showcasing Vermont's beautiful landscapes; and Me, Myself & Irene, which utilized various Vermont locations for its comedic story line.

While the state may not attract as much movie production as others, Vermont's charm continues to captivate filmmakers seeking a picturesque backdrop for their stories.

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