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Star Trek (2009)


Was part of the Star Trek movie (2009) really filmed in Vermont?

Actually, only a very small part of the film was actually “made in Vermont”. Near the very beginning part of the movie, sharp eyes will notice an area that certainly could have been filmed in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Notably, near Barre, VT. However, unlike Harrison Ford or Woody Harrelson, Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger or other Hollywood stars, there were no Star Trek actors strolling around Church Street in Burlington, VT.

The movie Star Trek (2009) was filmed partially in Vermont at the Rock of Ages Smith Quarry at 772 Graniteville Road, Barre, Vermont.  Check out the part near the beginning where a young James T. Kirk steals a car and drives it off a cliff which is actually the granite quarry in Barre, VT.

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