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Get a Special Halloween Treat with Vermont’s Haunted History

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Vermont's Haunted History – A New Amazon Kindle Book

I am proud to announce my very first Kindle Book, Vermont's Haunted History! This is the book that many of you have asked for, and it's just in time for Halloween. You can check out the preview pages to see the story index.

Some Vermont ghost stories are terrifying

I get a lot of emails from my loyal followers about Vermonter.com, many requesting that I add the website stories to an eBook, Kindle, etc., for easy reading on devices and tablets. With that in mind, I compiled some of the best stories from Vermonter.com, and created my first Kindle book. Best of all, after running a week long promotion giving the book away for free, I priced it at just $2.99. Just enough to buy me a coffee!

I love coffee. In this business, I drink a LOT of it.

So, if you'd like to keep me busy and want more stories, rantings and just plain nonsense buy my Kindle book, invest in coffee bean futures and I'll be highly caffeinated enough to DO MORE, as my old friend Jonathan Harris used to say!

As a web developer and Internet marketer, I already wear a lot of hats and a 12 hour workday is pretty much standard. Vermonter.com is my playground and chance to have a bit of fun. Honestly, if I were more financially endowed, I would spend much more time working with Vermonter.com but you have to work to pay the bills. Some of us do anyway.

I'm thankful for people like Scott Wheeler, Joseph Citro and Chad Abramovich and count them all as both friends and allies. Each of them are much better writers than I am. I'm very grateful to them for their contributions to the stories I create. I feel more like a curator of the weird and fantastic, than a writer, but that's ok.

My first book was called Forgotten Tales of Vermont and was published in paperback way back in 2008.

Shaving cream, eggs and razor blades. The ghosts of Halloween past???

This is a considerable upgrade upon that book along with a lot of new content. Also, I enjoyed the 100% freedom to create the Kindle book exactly as I wanted to rather than the constant pressure of a publisher pushing me to “go to the library, research and get more stories”. It got to the point where it wasn't much fun and as a first time writer, I received virtually no support at all…and made some serious mistakes along the way.

I think I did better this time, with Vermont's Haunted History. There's enough material left for at least a couple more books in the series. One of the ongoing jokes that Scott Wheeler of the Vermont Northland Journal often shares with me is that people often think that because he's a writer, that he must be rich!

So please get a copy of Vermont's Haunted History, if you'd like. Like Scott, I probably won't get rich, but if I do, I'll come over to your house and drink coffee with you.









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