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The Tragic Story of Elia Corti

Elia Corti Monument
Elia Corti Monument

According to the Barre Daily Times of October 5, 1903: “Elia Corti was shot in the stomach and mortally wounded at a meeting in the Socialist building on Granite Street.

Corti died at midnight last night at Heaton Hospital in Montpelier having lived about thirty hours after he received the bullet. The shooting occurred at 7:15 PM on Saturday evening and was the outcome of a general discussion between the socialists and anarchists present.

Andrew Garetto was arrested and charged with the shooting. Garetto was sentenced to serve not less than ten nor more than twelve years in state prison.” On his release he returned to Barre but left shortly after and it is believed that he went back to Italy.


Elia Corti and his monument are very much a part of the story of memorial art at Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT. Cut from a single piece of granite by the brother of the deceased. The outstanding hand carved life size figure sits quietly contemplative. The detail of the clothing and the tools of the granite trade almost bring this figure to life.

Elia Corti’s legacy lives on, etched into the very stones he once shaped, a reminder of the fragility of life and the impact of violence on a community.

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