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Burlington, VT Restaurant’s Spirits of the Ghostly Kind

American Flatbread
American Flatbread

There are many locations in Burlington, VT with a ghostly history of hauntings and paranormal activity.

The story goes that a man who once worked at the former Carburs Restaurant building (now known as American Flatbread) killed himself in the basement. The bullet went through his head and into a nearby wall. Supposedly, you can still see the bullet hole in the basement. Most encounters happen in the basement, which houses the kitchen and tapped kegs under the bar.

Waitresses reported their skirts being lifted up from a cold wind. Doors have slammed closed, trapping employees in the basement's walk-in.

Waitresses were told not to go down in the basement.

The basement is also connected to other old buildings in downtown Burlington by various tunnels from the prohibition era. There are a lot of reports of phantom voices throughout the restaurant when no one is there. The ghost seems to specifically taunt women. Reports of breaking glasses, plates flying off of counters and sudden increased oven temperatures were not uncommon. A female bartender reported a pyramid of water glasses appearing on the bar, right after she had put the glasses away and turned her back for a second.

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