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Brattleboro Austine School for the Deaf Hauntings

Austine School for the Deaf

Brattleboro is Vermont's oldest town so it's not surprising that there may very well be a haunting or two in it's long history.

At the Brattleboro, VT Austine School for the Deaf, security guards say that they have heard their names called when there was absolutely no one else present. Other staff members have been beckoned to in the same spot, all on different occasions. Other reports include a variety of strange noises.There is a strange uneasiness sometimes felt by those who work at the school.

Are There Any Hauntings Associated with the Bread and Puppet Theatre?

The enigmatic bread and puppet theatre in vt has captivated audiences for decades with its mesmerizing performances. However, there are no documented hauntings associated with this renowned theatre. The focus here is on the artistry and creativity that radiate from the stage, leaving spectators in awe rather than spooked.

Eerie shadows, ghostly faces

Occasionally, “something” will pass by, momentarily visible just out of the corner of your eye. Lights turn on by themselves. A sense that you are being followed is not uncommon. When one turns around, nothing is there. Apparitions have been seen in mirrors and windows. Eerie shadows or vague ghostly faces sometimes become visible on the screens of televisions that are turned off. Fortunately no malevolent activity has ever been reported. Perhaps the ghostly residents are simply curious or concerned about the everyday activities at the school.

…a country club haunting nearby

The country club in Brattleboro also has a haunted history. Wait staff and other workers report hearing footsteps or voices in the dining area but no one has yet to confirm the existence or possible origins of any spirits inhabiting the building.

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