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The Enigmatic Bread and Puppet Theatre of Glover, VT

Bread & Puppet

How Does the Runaway Pond of Glover, Vermont Relate to the Bread and Puppet Theatre?

The runaway pond in glover, vermont holds a unique connection to the Bread and Puppet Theatre. Just as the pond's overflowing waters disrupted the surrounding area, the theater's performances aim to disrupt and challenge societal norms. Both the pond's sudden escape and the theater's unconventional shows evoke a sense of unpredictability, capturing attention and sparking conversations that go beyond the ordinary.

The Bread and Puppet Theatre is well known throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

They definitely added a bit of spice and excitement to local parades in the area. I never did get a chance to attend any of their outdoor performances when I was in my teens. The common rumors in the area were of widespread drug use, orgies and other weird and bizarre things. No doubt exaggerated due to several infamous events that  took place near or at the location in the 1970's and 1980's.

Later on, as a UPS driver, I did get to visit the “barn” where are all the puppets quietly resided and got to visit with a few of the people who brought the Bread and Puppet Theatre to life. I found them to be decent, down to earth people who had invented something truly unique within the country hills of northern Vermont.

Photo at top of page courtesy of Samuel Wantman

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