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Enjoy a Summer Swim at Honey Hollow Falls in Bolton, Vermont


Honey Hollow Falls is one of those special places hidden in the hills of Vermont, that even many native Vermonters don't know about. It's located in Bolton, VT at Preston Brook and a gorge flowing behind the Smilie Memorial Elementary School.

Are there any cliff jumping spots near Honey Hollow Falls in Bolton, Vermont?

Looking for cliff jumping adventures in vermont? Explore the surroundings of Honey Hollow Falls in Bolton, Vermont. This picturesque region offers thrilling opportunities for cliff jumping near the stunning Honey Hollow Falls. Soak up the natural beauty and make unforgettable memories as you indulge in the excitement of cliff jumping in this serene location.

Hot Vermont Summer, Cool Swimming at Honey Hollow Falls


On a hot summer day, the cool water and cascading, clear waterfalls draws a crowd of people, of all ages. Many wade or swim around in the pools at the base of the more ominous looking outcrops. The more adventurous choose to ascend the rock cliffs and dive into the cascades and deep natural pools.

Fortunately, this is not a nudist retreat and seems to be more family oriented, saving many eyes from things better left to the imagination. There are also a variety of family dogs taking part in the coolness of the glistening water as well. Most of the animals are well behaved but a couple hungry canines were running around stealing food from makeshift barbecues, while people were occupied swimming or talking.

Getting to Honey Hollow Falls is fairly easy. Go to the Bolton Valley Ski Area access road and there are a couple small parking areas on the right side of the road. Although you're not supposed to park at Smilie Memorial Elementary School, many people do on the weekends, when school is not in session and it seems to be ok. Do NOT park on the side of the main road though as you may end up with a ticket or even worse, coming back to find your car has been towed away.

Vermont's Huntington Gorge is not far away but is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous places in Vermont.

Honey Hollow Falls

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