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Delightfully Creepy Neighborhood Park in Burlington VT

Burlinton Gargoyles
Creepy Park Burlington VT

The Antonio and Rita Pomerleau Foundation's Neighborhood Park in Burlington, VT is one of those “don't blink or you'll miss it” kind of things. Every day, thousands of cars pass by on the their way down busy Route 7 and barely notice this odd, little park on the corner of Route 7 and Home Avenue.

Burlinton Gargoyles

While it's doubtful that anyone makes a special trip to this park, unlike the nearby grand and gorgeous Oakledge Park, many of the locals simply take it for granted. The oblivious TJ Maxx shoppers barely acknowledge it's existence on their way to discount shopping nirvana.

The question is who designed this creepy little corner park and why the odd looking concrete gargoyle like figures?

Maybe only Tony Pomerleau knows for sure! The plaque on the side says “In Memory of Anne Marie and Ellen Pomerleau 1999” and maybe that holds some answers. The intent of the park was to welcome shoppers into the small plaza/shopping mall. The artists were Leslie Fry & Steven Schenker and maybe they have the answers as to why the design is a bit “unusual”.

Eerie stone gargoyles

While it would be rare to see anyone picnicking in the park or tossing a frisbee to a canine friend, occasionally you'll see someone hanging out waiting for a bus, taxi or whatever. It seems like a popular place to park shopping carts from the nearby Price Chopper. So, if you're in the area take notice of this quirky little enclave of Vermont. It's sort of the odd little cousin to Barre, Vermont's famous Hope Cemetery. One thing for sure is that it's weird and thought provoking. Utterly Vermont!

vermont gargoyles
“Every breath you take, I'll be watching you…”

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