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Vermontosaurus – Another Strange Vermont Curiousity

Thetford, Vermont hosts probably one of the strangest pieces of artwork south of the South Burlington Whales Tales and World's Highest Filing Cabinets. Yes, it's the Vermontosaurus in all it's post extinct glory! It was created by retired teacher and experimental balloon pilot, Brian Boland, with the assistance of a team of volunteers. The Vermontosaurus was constructed in 2010, from the remnant s of a collapsed part of building that contained Borland's private museum and manufacturing center for his hot-air balloons.

Courtesy of Stephen N. Flanders and Wikimedia Commons

Typical of the State of Vermont, was the possibility of funds for permitting of the sculpture do to it's massive size. Rather than a piece of artwork, the State was viewing it as a structure, possibly requiring a building permit. Fortunately for Borland, the town of Thetford waived the permit requirement, ruling that the structure was indeed a work of art. In October 2011, just 3 months after the State of Vermont ruled that the Vermontosaurus could remain, the creature started to sag in the middle but fortunately a volunteer team of 50 from around New England came together to repair the structure and actually build a smaller companion Vermontosaurus next to the original.

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