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Jonathan Wheelock’s Haunted Farmhouse, Cavendish, VT

Vermont Haunted Farm

Deacon Jonathan Wheelock's farmhouse was constructed in 1789, when he founded the first Episcopalian church there. Born at Shrewsbury, MA, 1727, Wheelock was a Minuteman in the Revolution. He married Anna Drury in 1753, and in 1789 moved to Cavendish, Vermont. He owned 1,038 acres of land in Cavendish Center and District No. 3.

Deacon Wheelock divided his land among his children so that each would have a farm, visible from his own farmhouse. Obviously Jonathan was a man who liked to keep his family and home closely knit.

haunted farm house

Jonathan Wheelock was allegedly the victim of a violent accident that took his life

He died on August 13, 1842. But perhaps Jonathan chose not to cross over and now still resides within his haunted farmhouse, watching over others. Poltergeist activity has been reported (objects moved to other locations and between rooms when no one else was present in the house, objects falling off shelves, etc.), which ultimately resulted in ghostly sightings. On some occasions, witnesses report waking up and seeing an opaque shadow form, or something human shaped looking gazing upon them or leering out nearby windows.

Perhaps Deacon Jonathan Wheelock is still watching over his farmhouse, even in death.

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