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That Glorious Day When Elvis Presley Was Spotted in Vermont

It's not every day that you're lucky enough to spot Elvis Presley leaning on his Cadillac in a small, Vermont town

Elvis Presley in Vermont

Driving through Bristol, VT on a lazy, September, Sunday afternoon and there was Elvis Presley – alive and well!  Yes, Elvis Presley and he certainly wasn't hiding from anyone. There he was in all his glory, posed in front of his white Cadillac, in the center of town. You couldn't miss him, even if you tried. Most of the cars driving by slowed to a crawl to glance at Elvis in amazement.

Needless to say, the author of this article couldn't pass up this photo op!

It's now or never. With a bit of hesitation trumped by curiosity, I decided to pull over and “confront the King”. As it turns out he wasn't really THE Elvis Presley but fear not! He was (as he claimed) a first cousin to Elvis. He explained that he was such a Presley family favorite that Elvis himself approved a legal name change allowing his “cousin” to represent the famed King of Rock n' Roll, as a life time career.

Which posed the logical question. “Why isn't Elvis enjoying his own name and fame?

The explanation was as stunning as UFO sightings at Roswell, New Mexico. “Elvis is not certainly NOT dead, as most people think”. He sipped something from the container in his hand, “He's actually working for the CIA. Top level stuff. He looks totally different now. Short hair like yours (he motioned at me) and you wouldn't even recognize him now.”

With that he went on to explain how he does a lot of shows and actually lives in Hawaii. I didn't ask about the “2 Elvis” Vermont license plates on his car. In the back seat of the car, you could see cases containing musical instruments.

Don't be cruel…

The “King” was obviously a busy celebrity just taking a well deserved break, enjoying a nice, Vermont day. No doubt that soon there would be a massive crowd of fans gathering in the tiny center of Bristol, VT so we wished him well and went about our business.

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