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Haunting Vermonter Halloween Flashback from 1976

Vermont haunted House

Years ago, when I was attending North Country Union High School, in Newport, VT, I submitted a Halloween article to the “Bish” Bishop section in what was ironically called the “Vermonter” section of the Burlington Free Press.

The column that “Bish” wrote for was mainly geared towards hunting and fishing, if memory serves.

In 1976, as a 17-year old high school student, I noticed that Bish was running a “Tall Tale Contest”, which actually was more geared toward hunting “tall tales”. However, it was close to Halloween, and being a bit naive and over anxious to celebrate the hallowed holiday (pun intended), I submitted a hastily prepared tall tale of my own, clueless that it should have been a clever tale about shooting a prize winning buck, etc.

A story about two kids and a haunted house, on Halloween of course!

However, Bish and the Burlington Free Press were obviously kind enough to publish my very amateur story, in all it's simple glory in it's Sunday, October 31, 1976 Vermonter section of their newspaper.

I never had any idea that years later, I would create my own “Vermonter” publication for the world wide web.

So there you have it. An uncannily and ironic article previewing what would eventually transform into articles that you're now reading, here on You can view the story here, in the attached pdf file.

Although that early story was entirely fictional and published long ago in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, you can enjoy much better Vermont ghost stories, legends, etc. by myself and many other great Vermont authors in my book, Vermont Haunted History: Vermont Ghost Stories, Folklore, Myths, Curses and Legends, available at

Other great books for Halloween:

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