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The Haunted History of the Equinox & Hildene, Manchester, VT

Equinox Hotel Manchester Village Vermont
Equinox Hotel Manchester Village Vermont

Manchester, VT has some very historic buildings with perhaps a spirit or two lurking in the shadows

Guests have reported unusual activity and other worldly, ghostly events at the resort. The typical recipes for a haunting including shadows that move quickly out of the corner of the eye, ghostly whispers and cold spots in various places within the hotel. Strange lights have been seen along with the general feeling of “not being alone”. Due to the age of the resort and it's long history, some of these events could be attributable to common non-paranormal activities.

Haunted Hildene?

Mary Todd Lincoln and her children from Washington D.C., spent two summers at The Equinox, a luxurious hotel, built in 1769, in Manchester Village, Vermont. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln ended the families plan to return there for the summer of 1865. The Lincoln family's association with the Manchester area grew with son Robert Todd Lincoln's purchase of neighboring estate Hildene.

Hildene Manchester Vermont
Hildene Manchester Vermont

Employees at the Hildene have allegedly seen ghostly shadows on the third floor, of a woman and a child that coincide with descriptions of Mary Todd Lincoln and one of her sons. What other ghostly phenomena lurks within the magnificent Hildene? The Equinox most likely has it's own spirit activity as well. Perhaps through their visits the Lincolns are trying to recapture the care free days of those summers.

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