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The Brick House at Shelburne Farms

shelburne farms brick house

It’s funny how you can live in Vermont all your life and discover new places just about any day. As annual members of Shelburne Museum, you are entitled to a free tour of the Webb family’s “Brick House” at Shelburne Farms. The grounds are spectacular and so is the view of Lake Champlain. The tree lined driveway is wonderful, as you would expect from a family where money was not an issue. The house itself is a brick colonial with a large addition to the back. This is the kind of place where you could really kick back and live in grand style.

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shelburne farms brick house

The tour guide was a nice guy who really seemed to enjoy his work. However, there were two ladies who seemed a bit uptight whenever my wife or I took photos and video. One of them asked me when I was taking a short video if I had “permission to be doing that”. Not seeing any signs or notification to the contrary, we weren’t sure.

If they have a problem with photos, they should probably say so at or during the tour. Also, the tour was VERY regimented. I was also given the impression that you are expected to follow the group closely and not veer off on your own (for photos without other tour people in them), etc. If you like to explore on your own and take photos, etc. this may not be a tour you will enjoy.

If you’re the kind of person who would rather explore on your own, take photos and video, etc., Robert Lincoln’s (the son of Abraham Lincoln) Hildene Mansion in Manchester would be a better choice. The caretaker there was very hospitable and much more “tourist friendly” so you have much more freedom to roam the grounds at Hildene at your own leisure.

Brick House Photo Gallery

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