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Fall Foliage Colors Everywhere

Vermont Foliage
Burke Mountain – VT Fall Foliage

For many people, fall foliage season in Vermont is a wondrous time of year. Though it starts to get dark earlier in the evenings and certainly a bit cooler, the autumn days bring the warmth and vibrancy of Vermont foliage colors. Autumn leaves shine in the clear, blue skies. Enjoy this video from past fall foliage seasons in Vermont.

Beautiful Autumn Scenes

The Colors of Autumn

Despite all the urban problems creeping into Vermont these days, much of what we know and love about our beautiful state is still intact. When we hear the bad news of the day or how costly it has become for working class folks to survive in Vermont, it’s easy to start thinking about moving away. Is it really any better anywhere else? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing that still remains here in abundance is the beauty of our countryside, especially those few treasured weeks in the fall of the year. When it’s autumn in Vermont and the fall foliage is at it’s peak, it is difficult to imagine living anywhere else. This why we love it here.

Autumn in Addison County VT
Autumn in Addison County VT

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