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Have You Checked Out Burlington Vermont’s Oakledge Park?

Oakledge Park, South Burlington, Vermont

Ever been to South Burlington's Oakledge Park?

It's a hidden gem that offers something for everyone. From its stunning views of Lake Champlain to its wealth of activities, Oakledge Park is a must-see destination in the area. Here, you can take in the beauty of nature while enjoying a variety of recreational opportunities.

Located at the end of Flynn Avenue, Oakledge Park is just minutes away from the city center. With its expansive lawns, wooded trails and sandy beach, it provides visitors with an opportunity to explore and relax. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting adventure, this park has something for everyone.

Oakledge Park has plenty to offer families and individuals alike. With its playgrounds, picnic areas and sports facilities, there's always something fun to do here. Plus, visitors can take advantage of the many outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing and kayaking on Lake Champlain or exploring the miles of hiking trails winding through the woods. So come explore all that South Burlington Vermont's Oakledge Park has to offer!

Location And History

Located in South Burlington, Vermont, Oakledge Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Spanning over 70 acres of land along Lake Champlain, the park offers plenty of activities to enjoy. The beauty of the park makes it a great spot for picnicking, fishing, swimming or just taking in the scenery. With its picturesque views and tranquil setting, Oakledge Park has become an important part of South Burlington's history and culture.

One notable feature at Oakledge Park is the 1800s-era carriage house that still stands on the property today. This building was originally built by James Paine, an early settler in South Burlington who owned a large portion of land surrounding what is now known as Oakledge Park. After Paine's death in 1820, his son Charles inherited the property and made several improvements to it until his death in 1895.

The park itself officially opened to the public on July 4th, 1913 under the ownership of Charles’ daughter Sarah Mayhew Paine. She dedicated much of her life to maintaining and improving Oakledge Park until her death in 1941. Since then, many local organizations have helped keep Oakledge Park running as a public space for everyone to enjoy.

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Natural Features

Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont, is a nature lover's paradise. Its natural features provide a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. There are expansive views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, lush meadows and forests, and plenty of wildlife.

The park has several trails that meander through woodlands, and meadows. Visitors can explore the many varieties of flora and fauna found throughout the park. There are also two beaches with access to the lake for swimming or fishing. The park also contains two large picnic areas with tables and grills for a relaxing lunch or dinner outdoors.

Oakledge Park is home to an array of wildlife including deer, turkeys, hawks and owls. Bird watching is especially popular near the east entrance to the park. For those looking for more excitement there are bike trails as well as kayak rentals in the area, available at certain times of year.

No matter what type of outdoor activity you're looking for Oakledge Park has something to offer everyone. Whether you come just to admire nature or engage in outdoor recreation it's sure to be an enjoyable experience.

Recreational Activities

Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont is a great place to enjoy recreational activities. There's something for everyone here, from picnicking and swimming to walking and hiking trails. In the summer months, visitors can take advantage of the beach area, where they can go swimming or just soak up some sun. The park also offers a playground perfect for kids of all ages.

The park has plenty of easy walking trails for those who like to explore nature on foot. Visitors can enjoy scenic views of Lake Champlain as they make their way through the park's meadows. There are also many spots along the way that offer opportunities for bird watching or wildlife viewing.

Oakledge Park is a great place to get active and have fun with friends and family alike. Whether you're looking to go on an adventure or just relax by the beach, this popular destination has something special to offer everyone who visits it.

Amenities And Facilities

Oakledge Park is a great place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. It has many amenities and facilities that make it an ideal destination for those looking for a fun, leisurely experience. The park boasts playgrounds, picnic areas, trails for biking and walking, as well as access to Lake Champlain. It also has several sports fields and courts which can be used for activities like tennis, basketball or frisbee golf. Additionally, there are two pavilions which can be rented out for special events or gatherings.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife including deer, woodpeckers and frogs. Bird lovers will appreciate the large number of species that can be spotted in the park such as chickadees, warblers and sparrows. In addition to this natural beauty, Oakledge Park also offers beautiful views of Lake Champlain and its surrounding area. Visitors may even catch a glimpse of Mount Mansfield or Camel’s Hump on a clear day!

At Oakledge Park visitors can take advantage of free parking spaces located near the entrance. There are also bathroom facilities available at certain locations throughout the park so visitors don't have to worry about being too far from civilization during their visit. With so much to offer in terms of recreational activities and amenities, Oakledge Park is an ideal destination year-round for families or individuals looking to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

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Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont is incredibly accessible. Located right off of Flynn Avenue, the park is easily accessible by car and bike. One can also access it from the waterfront bike path that runs through it. This makes getting to the park easy for those who live in or near South Burlington.

All of the trails within Oakledge Park are wide enough for wheelchairs and strollers to pass through with ease.

Oakledge Park is well-maintained, allowing visitors to explore its beauty without worrying about obstacles or debris blocking their way. The paths are clearly marked and easy to navigate even if you’re unfamiliar with them. Overall, Oakledge Park provides a great experience for visitors of all abilities who wish to enjoy its beauty and serenity.

Safety Guidelines

Visiting Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont is a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed safely with a few simple guidelines. First and foremost, visitors should be aware of their surroundings at all times. Stay on marked trails and avoid swimming in areas not designated for it, as the water may be polluted or contain dangerous wildlife. It's also important to remain mindful of any wildlife that might be present. If you spot an animal, keep your distance and don't attempt to feed or approach them.

Visitors should always dress appropriately for the weather and terrain. Wear closed-toe shoes with good treads to provide stability while traversing uneven ground. Bring plenty of water, as dehydration can occur quickly in warm weather. Be sure to check the park’s website for any closures due to special events or inclement weather before heading out for your visit.

Make sure you obey all posted rules and regulations concerning pets and other activities such as hunting, biking, etc., so that everyone can enjoy their time at Oakledge Park safely and responsibly. Taking these steps will ensure a pleasant visit without any unfortunate incidents occurring during your time there.

Hours Of Operation

Now that we've discussed the safety guidelines for Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont, let's explore the hours of operation. The park is open from 7:00 a.m. to sunset every day of the year. This means that visitors can enjoy all that Oakledge has to offer any time of day, no matter what season it is.

The park also offers special early morning hours on Saturdays and Sundays. On these days, visitors may enter an hour before sunrise and remain until sunset. It's important to note that these special hours apply only on weekends; during weekdays, the regular hours still apply.

Oakledge Park is also available for group visits by appointment only. To arrange a group visit, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at least two weeks in advance of your desired date and time. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about the size and type of your group so that the best accommodations can be made for you and yours upon arrival at Oakledge Park.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to experience all that Oakledge Park has to offer during its extended hours throughout the year – no matter when you or your group decide to visit!

Rules And Regulations

Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont has a few rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of its visitors and the preservation of its beauty. Park visitors must abide by these rules when using the park.

The first rule is that no motorized vehicles are allowed within the park. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other form of motorized transportation. Bicycles are only allowed on designated trails and paths.

The second rule is that alcohol consumption is prohibited within the park. Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol or possess it while in the park. Additionally, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the park, including designated areas such as picnic tables and benches.

Finally, pets must be kept on leashes at all times and owners must clean up after their animals. All animal waste must be disposed of properly in order to keep the area clean and safe for everyone. Pets should also remain away from wildlife habitats such as wetlands and streams in order to protect local species from disturbance or harm.

These rules are meant to create an enjoyable experience for all visitors while preserving Oakledge Park's natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Event Hosting Opportunities

Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont offers a variety of event hosting opportunities. The spacious park provides plenty of room for large-scale events, such as weddings and festivals. It also has two pavilions with covered space to provide shelter from the rain or sun. Both pavilions have nearby grills and picnic tables, making them ideal for barbecues or family reunions.

There are also several trails and paths that are ideal for running races or group hikes. The park's natural beauty make it an ideal backdrop for any kind of outdoor celebration.

Oakledge Park is well maintained by the city of South Burlington and offers plenty of amenities to make event hosting easier. They include restrooms, a playground with swings and slides, basketball courts, and a bike path that circles the entire park. Across from the main entrance is a concession stand where guests can purchase food and beverages during events. In addition to these amenities, Oakledge Park provides a stunning view of Lake Champlain which makes it an even more attractive location for events like weddings or corporate functions.

Whether you're looking to host an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, Oakledge Park has something to offer everyone in South Burlington, Vermont. With its many amenities, beautiful views, and ample space for activities, it's sure to be the perfect venue for your special occasion.

Nearby Attractions

After enjoying Oakledge Park, there are a plethora of nearby attractions for visitors to explore. Burlington‘s Church Street Marketplace is just a short drive away, and offers a unique shopping experience. This pedestrian-only street is lined with shops, restaurants, art galleries and more. Visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of this vibrant area while they get to know their way around Burlington.

For those interested in outdoor activities, Lake Champlain is nearby offering plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming or just relaxing on the beach. The views here are breathtaking and visitors can even catch glimpses of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. Take advantage of the miles of trails along the shoreline for biking or hiking with friends or family.

For people looking for something different, take a short drive up to Shelburne Farms or Shelburne Museum where guests can tour historical buildings, take part in educational programs or join a guided tour to learn about sustainable agriculture and forestry practices. There are also plenty of activities on-site such as horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing on one of the many ponds located on the grounds. With so much to do and see nearby, Oakledge Park is an ideal location for exploring South Burlington Vermont!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oakledge Park Suitable For A Picnic?

Is Oakledge Park suitable for a picnic? This is an excellent question to ask while considering outdoor activities in the Burlington area. Whether you're looking to have a fun family outing or just want to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet, Oakledge Park has something for everyone.

Oakledge Park offers a variety of recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, disc golfing, and more! The park also includes several picnic pavilions as well as plenty of open grassy areas perfect for setting up your own picnic blanket. There's even a small beach area with sand and shallow water ideal for younger visitors who are just learning to swim!

For those who prefer more secluded spots within the park, there are plenty of trails that wind through the woods to explore. These trails offer breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains. You can even take a break from your hike on one of the many benches located along the way – perfect for snacking or simply taking in the beauty of nature.

No matter what kind of outdoor experience you're looking for, Oakledge Park has something to offer. Whether you're looking for an active day or just want some time alone with nature, this park provides a great opportunity to do both!

Are Dogs Allowed In The Park?

Are dogs allowed in the park? This is an important question to answer before taking your pup for a day out. Fortunately, the answer is yes – dogs are welcome at Oakledge Park.

The park has trails that allow for both on- and off-leash access. All owners must abide by leash laws, though. Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. For those wishing to take their pup off-leash, there are designated areas of the park where this activity can take place.

It’s always wise to ensure you clean up after your pet while visiting the park too. There are trash cans located throughout the area and it’s important to keep any waste contained within them. It’s also important that owners do not leave their pets unattended while they explore the grounds; doing so could lead to fines or other penalties.

Oakledge Park offers plenty of opportunities for you and your pup to have a great time outdoors. With trails accommodating both on- and off-leash activities, it's easy to find something fun to do with your canine companion while exploring South Burlington Vermont's Oakledge Park.

Is There A Fee To Enter The Park?

Visiting a park is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors, and it’s important to know the rules before you arrive. One of the most frequent questions asked about parks involves entrance fees. Is there a fee to enter the park?

The answer varies depending on the type of park and its location. Some public parks have free entry while others may have an admission fee or parking fee charged by local authorities. Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont, for example, does not require any admission fees for visitors; however, there is a small fee for parking that is charged at certain times of year. Here are the details:

May to October, $2/hour (Sunrise to Sunset). Pay at kiosk. Burlington Parks Season Passes and Green Mountain Passes*  are accepted.

You can purchase a Burlington Parks pass at North Beach and Perkins Pier.

*Green Mountain Passes are issued through VT State Parks and available for purchase at City Hall.  If you are 62 years or older and a Vermont resident, or a Vermont resident who is a veteran who has been honorably discharged from active duty in US armed services, you are eligible for a lifetime day entry pass into the parks called the Green Mountain Passport.

At Oakledge Park, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, boating, and hiking. There are also picnic shelters available and plenty of open space to explore. Dogs are allowed in the park but must be kept on leash at all times. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to relax or an exciting outdoor adventure – Oakledge Park has something for everyone!

Does Oakledge Park Have A Designated Swimming Area?

Visiting a park can be a great way to spend some time outdoors, and Oakledge Park in South Burlington Vermont is no exception. Before making plans to visit, many visitors may wonder if there is a designated swimming area. In this article, we will explore this question and provide more information about the park's amenities.

Oakledge Park provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with its access to Lake Champlain. For those looking for a designated swimming area, the park has two separate beach areas located at either end of the park. Each beach includes a shallow entry into the lake and is ideal for families with young children or anyone looking for a safe place to swim. Both beaches have lifeguards on duty during the summer months and are equipped with restrooms and changing rooms for swimmers' convenience. Additionally, kayaks and paddleboards are available for rent from the beach concession stand.

The rest of the park offers plenty of activities for visitors as well. There are walking trails winding through wooded areas and open green spaces perfect for picnics or games. Visitors can also explore one of several playgrounds scattered throughout the park or take advantage of fishing opportunities along its shoreline. The recently renovated basketball court is also sure to draw in some fans looking to play pick-up games while they're there. All in all, Oakledge Park offers something for everyone looking to get out and enjoy nature!

No matter what activity you choose, Oakledge Park provides an excellent opportunity to make lasting memories with family and friends while enjoying all that nature has to offer!

Are There Lifeguards Present at Oakledge Park?

Are there lifeguards present? That is an important question to ask when going to any body of water. Lifeguards are essential for ensuring the safety of swimmers and preventing drownings. Therefore, it's important to know if there is someone at a swimming area who has the training and experience to handle emergency situations.

When visiting Oakledge Park in South Burlington, Vermont, it is helpful to find out whether lifeguards are on duty. It is always best to take precautions when swimming in unfamiliar waters, or even familiar ones. Having a trained lifeguard nearby can bring peace of mind and make swimming safer for everyone.

The answer to this question depends on the time of year and the particular area of Oakledge Park that you're visiting. During peak season, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, there may be lifeguards stationed at specific areas in the park that have designated swimming areas. However, these lifeguards may not be present at all times so it is still important for visitors to use caution when swimming in any body of water. Additionally, it is always recommended that an adult accompany children when they are swimming at any location, regardless of whether or not there is a designated area with a lifeguard on duty.

It's wise to check ahead with local authorities or visit Oakledge Park's website before heading out for a day at the park so visitors can be better prepared before they arrive at their destination and know what kind of facilities they will have access to during their stay.


I absolutely recommend Oakledge Park for a picnic. It's a great spot to spend some quality time with family and friends. Plus, dogs are allowed so you can bring your furry friend along too! There is no fee to enter the park, so it makes it an affordable option for a fun day out.

The designated swimming area is also great for taking a dip in the lake. I found it really nice that there are lifeguards present throughout the park too – it gives me peace of mind knowing my safety is being taken care of. Plus, there's plenty to do in the surrounding areas if you want to make a full day out of your visit.

Overall, I think Oakledge Park is a great place to go for a picnic or just hang out with friends and family – especially on sunny days when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

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