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Vermont Unsolved Mysteries and Horrific Murders

Vermont Murder and Disappearances

Vermont, known for its picturesque landscapes and quaint small towns, is not immune to the unsettling presence of unsolved mysteries. From cold cases to unidentified persons, and brutal murders, our Green Mountain State has its fair share of perplexing incidents that have left investigators and the public alike searching for answers.

Essex Junction Murder of a Schoolgirl and Brutal Assault on her Friend

On May 15, 1981, the Louie Hamlin, then sixteen years old, and a fifteen-year-old companion, James Savage, seized two girls, ages twelve and thirteen, as the girls walked through a wooded shortcut on their way home from school. The defendant and his friend covered the girls' mouths and dragged them off the path and into the woods

Just as many of us in Vermont were horrified about the heinous assault of 12-year old Melissa Walbbridge and murder of her 12-year old friend, Melissa Walbridge by James Savage and Louie Hamlin, our family personally learned what happens when a monster strikes.

Personal note: Honestly, I grappled with the dilemma of whether or not to post this article, which I had been considering for years. My own sister was brutally murdered by Wade Willis of Morgan, VT in 1981, who then bragged about it and showed off the body to his cousin.

Unfortunately, due to Vermont's extremely liberal stance in regards to the rights of the most heinous of society, many of the most vile of these creatures, including Willis noted above, are now free to roam around Vermont. Meanwhile their victims and families continue to bear the brunt of the tragedy forever. Here is the link to a full article.

Here is a translation from the video above of the 10 bullet point summary to English:

  1. The video recounts the tragic story of Wade Willis, a 16-year-old teenager from Vermont, and his 15-year-old girlfriend Terry Weed, who became pregnant by him in 1981.
  2. Wade confided in his cousin Roy that he wanted to kill Terry to silence the rumors about her pregnancy.
  3. Wade lured Terry into the woods near her house, beat her, and then buried her alive.
  4. After finishing her off with blows from a shovel, Wade and Roy pretended that Terry had been kidnapped.
  5. Wade's parents alerted the police, who found Terry's body at the location they indicated.
  6. Despite his young age, Wade was tried as an adult for first-degree murder.
  7. In 1982, he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum 10-year non-parole period.
  8. Wade was eventually released from prison in 2001 after 19 years behind bars.
  9. Upon his release, he moved away from his hometown, under supervision of a correctional center.
  10. The fate of his cousin Roy, who was involved in the case, remains unclear based on the information provided.

The Murder of Brooke Bennett

The appalling case of Brooke Bennett's murder in 2008 at just 12 years old is a haunting tale of betrayal and evil. Brooke was lured by her own uncle, Michael Jacques, under false pretenses of attending a party. Instead, Jacques took the young girl to his Randolph, Vermont apartment where he drugged, sexually assaulted, and strangled her to death.

After killing Brooke, Jacques buried her body near his home. He tried to cover his tracks by fabricating a fake online message making it seem Brooke had run away. However, police quickly zeroed in on Jacques after his previous child porn charges came to light. Confronted with evidence, he eventually confessed to killing his niece.

In 2013, Jacques took a plea deal, admitting to kidnapping resulting in death and child porn offenses. The following year, he received a life sentence plus 70 years, with no possibility of parole. At the sentencing, Brooke's devastated family unleashed their anguish at the monster who stole the bright life of their loved one.

Real Monsters Hiding in the Green Mountains

Sadly, there are many more unsolved tales such as the ones below. One particularly horrifying story is that of Bill and Lorraine Currier, a Vermont couple who disappeared in 2011. They became the victims of an Alaska man who set out across the country intent on kidnapping and murdering someone. He picked them because the layout of their house lent itself to an easy invasion.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Brianna Maitland

One such case is the disappearance of Brianna Maitland in 2004. The 17-year-old vanished after leaving her job at a local restaurant, and her abandoned car was found the next day a mile from her home. Despite extensive searches and investigations, Brianna's whereabouts remain unknown to this day. Cases like Brianna's highlight the challenges law enforcement faces in missing persons investigations.

The first 48 hours are crucial, as the likelihood of finding the individual decreases significantly over time. Search efforts often involve coordinating multiple agencies, sifting through evidence, and following up on leads from the public. Even with advances in technology and forensics, some cases remain baffling due to the lack of concrete clues or witnesses. Prolonged missing persons cases take an immense emotional toll on families, who grapple with anguish, uncertainty, and the desperate need for closure.

Support networks and advocacy groups play a vital role in keeping these stories in the public eye and pushing for continued investigation. Ultimately, each unresolved case serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities involved in solving such mysteries and the importance of leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of answers.

The Gruesome Mystery of Maram and Roland Hanel

On a fateful September day in 1984, the tranquil town of Jay, Vermont, was shaken by a gruesome discovery – the lifeless bodies of Maram and Roland Hanel, riddled with multiple gunshot wounds, lay inside their secluded chalet. The crime scene painted a grim picture, yet the trail of evidence seemed to grow colder with each passing moment.

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, the investigation quickly encountered a frustrating impasse, leaving more questions than answers in its wake. As the years turned into decades, the case remained shrouded in mystery, with no arrests made, no clear motive established, and a deafening silence from the media.

This unsolved tragedy, once a local shock, has since faded from the public consciousness, its haunting details confined to the annals of unsolved crimes. Yet, for those who knew Maram and Roland, the ache of unanswered questions lingers, a reminder that some wounds refuse to heal until truth and justice prevail.

The Strange Disappearance of Russel Bovit

The spring of 1986 saw the mysterious vanishing of Russell Bovit, a man whose disappearance would etch itself into the annals of Vermont's unsolved cases. On May 6th, two friends were the last to lay eyes on Russell at his rural abode, the aptly named Last Resort Farm in Walden. Five days later, his abandoned vehicle raised the initial alarm, prompting a missing person report on the 11th.

From the outset, law enforcement harbored suspicions of foul play, though the trail of evidence proved maddeningly scant. In the intervening years, both official and private investigations have pursued every conceivable lead, each one kindling hopes of finally unraveling the enigma. Yet, despite their relentless efforts, Russell's whereabouts remain an inscrutable cipher, his fate sealed in the shadows of the unknown.

This maddening case, a puzzle that has defied resolution for over three decades, stands as a haunting testament to the sometimes impenetrable mysteries that life can thrust upon us. While the search may have ebbed from the public consciousness, the yearning for answers endures, a lingering specter that refuses to be laid to rest until Russell's story finds its conclusion.


These are just a few examples of the unsolved mysteries that continue to captivate and perplex those in Vermont and beyond. As the years pass, the hope remains that new leads or advancements in technology will shed light on these cases, providing closure and justice for the victims and their loved ones.

There are many more horrifying stories about disappearances and murders in the Green Mountain State.

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