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Maple Syrup for Health?

vermont maple syrup

Vermont maple syrupAs Vermonters, we all know how delicious maple syrup is and there is really no substitute

We can sense “artificial maple flavoring” like a red alert on a battleship and for many of us, maple syrup practically flows through our veins. Gotta have it.

The question is can maple syrup really be used for health and diets? During the 1940's, Stanley Burroughs claimed that his Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet would decrease your weight this would seem to be just a detoxification side effect. Also known as the Lemonade Diet, its popularity surged several years ago after Beyonce claimed she'd lost 20 pounds on the diet for the movie Dreamgirls. The diet's detoxification results are the real reason why the diet should be considered in the first place, not just a get-fast slim down process. It has also been found out to promote skin appearance and supposedly can also be used to help cure acne.

Some claim that by ingesting any Vermont maple syrup (or presumably maple syrup from other places too) , you can increase your body's energy level, making you less susceptible to diseases. It should also assist with the slimming process. As you proceed with the maple syrup diet, you will also develop better eating habits. Blood vessels will also be relieved of pressure because your blood will thin and easily move throughout your body. Sort of like sap through a maple tree, right?

Which opens up other questions about how maple syrup can be used. Perhaps as a skin cleanse or conditioner. Maybe a shampoo? Sure would smell sweet! Some folks in Vermont are making wine, beer and liquor products based on maple syrup. For me, I'll stick with the traditional use of maple syrup on pancakes!

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