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Ghosts That May Be Enjoying a Party at the Brass Lantern Inn

Brass Lantern Inn Stowe

Are there ghosts at the Brass Lantern Inn who might be reminiscing about a long forgotten dance party?

Word has it that one of Stowe, Vermont's Brass Lantern Inn's rooms is occupied, even when no one is really spending the night there. A number of visitors as well as the Inn's staff have heard the voices of enthusiastic spirits talking about a dance they attended. Of course, when the room is checked for intruders, no one is there.

Innkeeper Andy Aldrich once reported that “the guests tell me basically the same story.” Here are a few of his recollections:

A guest will say, “I heard some people who arrived very late last night in the room across the hall from me. I heard them speaking and talking about the really good time they just had.” This is in a context of having been to a dance or party.
Guests have often asked, “Who were the people who came in late last night, talking loud enough so I could hear their words? And where did they go to a party?” Another guest version of a similar query, “I heard the people across the hall from me last night talking and laughing and speaking about how happy they were.”In all of these instances, it's in reference to the same room, always late at night, and with similar descriptions as to what they heard the other guests saying. Oddly enough, there were no guests across the hall.They, the real guests, were the only ones in a room on that stairwell. I myself have heard what I thought were people up in that room when I know I haven't registered anyone in that room. I go to look and don't find anyone. So it's a very nice couple who happen to be spirits. Yes?

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