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Exploring St Albans, Vermont and a Haunted Movie Theater

People working at or visiting St. Alban’s Welden Movie Theater (which used to be a jail during the past century) have experienced several strange and unexplained encounters. Occasionally, the projection booths have been a spot of unusual activity.

Movies have started by themselves and voices can be heard in the old booths. The basement, which still has the remains of old jail cells, gives one the feeling of being watched.

An old man with a white sweater has been seen walking around the basement. He is supposedly an elderly homeless man who years ago moved into the basement and took up residence there. Apparently he passed way but has never left the building. The basement door also has been known to fly open even when latched.

What is special about visiting St Albans, Vermont?

Other than a ghostly movie theater and a supposedly haunted Inn, there is much more to St Albans to enjoy and explore. St. Albans is a small city located in northwest Vermont, known for its rich history and natural beauty. Some things that make St. Albans special include:

  • History: St. Albans played a significant role in the Civil War, and the city's historic downtown area features many original buildings from this era.
  • Natural beauty: St. Albans is located in the heart of Vermont's beautiful countryside, and there are many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and fishing in the surrounding area.
  • Local culture: St. Albans has a strong sense of community and is home to a number of local events and festivals, including the St. Albans Festival, the Vermont Maple Festival, and the Vermont Milk and Maple Festival.
  • Local cuisine: St. Albans is known for its maple syrup and other local food products, and there are many opportunities to sample and enjoy these local specialties.
  • Proximity to other attractions: St. Albans is located within easy driving distance of other popular Vermont destinations such as Burlington, Montpelier, and the Green Mountains, making it a convenient base for exploring the state.

Recreational activities to enjoy in St Albans, Vermont

There are many recreational activities available in St. Albans, Vermont. Some popular options include:

  • Hiking and biking: There are several trails in and around St. Albans that are great for hiking and mountain biking. The Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail is a popular choice, as is the St. Albans Bay Trail.
  • Swimming: St. Albans has several public beaches on Lake Champlain that are great for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.
  • Golfing: There are several golf courses in and around St. Albans, including the St. Albans Country Club and the Vermont National Golf Course.
  • Fishing: Lake Champlain is known for its excellent fishing, and there are several spots around St. Albans where you can cast a line.
  • Skiing and snowboarding: Vermont is known for its ski resorts, and there are several in the St. Albans area, including Jay Peak Resort and Burke Mountain.
  • Ice skating: There are several indoor and outdoor ice rinks in the St. Albans area, including the St. Albans City Rink.
  • Shopping and dining: St. Albans has a charming downtown area with a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.
  • Cultural events and festivals: St. Albans hosts a number of cultural events and festivals throughout the year, including the St. Albans Farmers' Market and the St. Albans Halloween Parade.
  • Visiting local attractions: There are several interesting attractions in and around St. Albans, including the Vermont Maple Museum, the St. Albans Historical Museum, and the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge.

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