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The Dedicated Dead Workers of Barre, VT


A Barre, VT woolen mill, built in 1842, hosts some non-living past workers who refuse to punch out and leave. There have been many sightings at the old mill over the past 100 years. One recent employee was employed for almost 12 years and claims to have seen a number of people who haven’t quite passed over. She has seen them stitching at the old machines and walking back and forth through the building.

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Something supernatural is about to occur…

There have been increasingly strong scents of lilacs, usually when something supernatural is about to occur. The woman has also seen two different ghosts. When they appear, her adding machine keeps typing the number 3. Other employees have reported similar activity. The building was erected on the site of an old church, which burned down in the early 1800s. Some conjecture that the apparitions could be past parishioners of the church. However, due to the activity, most believe that the spirits are really past mill workers who are still on the job and not ready to leave.

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