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Sleigh Rides in Vermont – A One of a Kind Experience!

Vermont sleigh ride

One of Vermont's best attractions is warm and cozy sleigh rides

You will find that sleigh rides can most easily be found in or around some of Vermont's best known ski areas. Perfect for the romantic couple to create lifelong memories or for families to share for years to come.

In Stowe, VT the Trapp Family Lodge offers sleigh rides (along with wagon rides during other seasons) Rides available Dec 15 through Feb 24.

Vermont sleigh rides are also available at the Stowehof Inn, offering extras such as “warmth, dinner and the bar”. Warm up at their fireplace within their beautiful inn after a sleigh ride. The Stowe Mountain Lodge is also offers Winter horseback riding in addition to sleigh rides.

Old-Fashion Vermont Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Stowe

Gentle Giants, which is conveniently located on the Mountain Road, in Stowe (on the way to or from the Stowe Mountain Resort), is easy to find and offers warm blankets and a scenic journey through a traditional Vermont covered bridge, gliding along an open brook on a winding wooded trail. Their Percheron and Belgian draft horses with “jingle bells”, will also provide a romantic sleigh ride, the sleigh lit with lights, during the evening hours.

In central Vermont, check out the Billings Farm and Museum. Horse drawn sleigh rides are available on the winter vacation weekends: Martin Luther King weekend in January, and President's weekend in February. The farm offers a short ride through the fields with the purchase of any ticket to the farm. Their matched teams of Percherons can also be hired with sleigh and driver for longer rides, any day of the week, except holiday weekends, throughout the winter season with 24 hour notice.

Are There Any Lost Ski Areas in Vermont That Offer Sleigh Rides?

Exploring the captivating history of lost vermont ski areas unveils interesting facts. While these areas may have vanished, the delightful tradition of sleigh rides continues to endure in some. Vermont boasts several lost ski areas that now offer magical sleigh rides, allowing visitors to embrace the nostalgia and charm of a bygone era.

Vermont Sleigh Rides for Everyone of All Ages

In southern Vermont, check out the Taylor Farm in Londonderry. Their sleighs run from 11 am to 7 pm every hour on the hour Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rides last 45 minutes and include a fireside stop to toast marshmallows and enjoy hot cider. Wool blankets are provided. Sleighs can each hold up to 10 adults. During the 2014-2015 season, they  will be running two teams of horses and will have a one horse sleigh available for private rides. Reservations are recommended.

These sleigh rides in Vermont should get you off to a good start. There are more horse drawn sleigh rides available throughout Vermont in many of the smaller towns and villages.

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