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Excerpt from: Journal of the Vermont Senate
Tuesday, January 9, 2001, J.R.S. 6
Joint Senate resolution of the following title was offered, read the first time and is as follows:

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By Senator Crowley,

Joint resolution designating Dr. William H. Bloom as an honorary native Vermonter.
Whereas, individuals who were born in the Green Mountain State are rightfully proud of their special status as native Vermonters, and
Whereas, while a flatlander may reside in Vermont for nearly an entire lifetime, and make an indelible contribution to the quality of life in this state, a flatlander still has not earned the right to be called a native Vermonter, and
Whereas, although Dr. William Bloom did not actually enter this world within the geographic confines of Vermont, having been born at his parents’ home in Granville, New York, he was, however, conceived in Poultney and, had it not been for a blizzard, would have been born at the Rutland Hospital, and
Whereas, Dr. Bloom, a prominent neurosurgeon, put pen to paper when he wrote of his life in the medical field in the book, “After All, It’s Only Brain Surgery,” and in his authorship of several poetry volumes, and
Whereas, Dr. Bloom renewed his ties to Vermont in October 2000 upon his appointment to the newly-formed Board of Visitors of Green Mountain College, and
Whereas, Dr. Bloom’s lifelong love for Vermont, and the meteorological disturbance that prevented his birth in Rutland, as originally intended, are both persuasive reasons for awarding him status as an “honorary native Vermonter,” now therefore be it


That the General Assembly extends the status of “honorary native Vermonter” to Dr. William H. Bloom, and be it further
RESOLVED: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Dr. William Bloom in Bayshore, New York.
Thereupon, in the discretion of the President, under Rule 51, the joint resolution was placed on the Calendar for action tomorrow.

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