Church St on a Tuesday Night in the Summer

Church St Burlington

It's always nice to take a stroll down to Church St on a cool summer night. Usually, I wait until the weekend when things are a bit more vibrant and the street is busier. On this early August Tuesday, my wife and I decided to head to Church St for a drink or two. We didn't expect it to be so busy this early in the week but then again, maybe it was summer vacations winding down. … [Read more...]

Burlington Airport Renovations


Renovations at the parking garage are in full swing. There are several detours into the garage so pay attention to the signs or you'll end up looping your way back in. The other night my flight came in from Newark. It was 12;30am at night and there were passengers from 3 flights waiting to receive their luggage. The luggage belt in the middle was non-functional (as it was … [Read more...]