Fighting America’s heroin epidemic in Vermont

Heroin in Vermont

Vermont is far from the idyllic place it used to be. Hard working farmers, church suppers and small towns where everybody knew each other are rapidly fading into the past. For those of us who have lived here for generations, it's heartbreaking. Although many, including Vermont's governor, Peter Shumlin, would conveniently point their fingers at the influx of out of state, big … [Read more...]

Vermont’s Funniest Gubernatorial Debate Moments

Vermont Debate

Politics in Vermont are like none anywhere else. It's refreshing to see anyone get a chance and go toe to toe with the slick talking politicians and professionals. Although having Howard "The Scream" Dean commenting on the debates is quite ironic. After all, he made a fool of himself on a grand scale, worldwide, with his bizarre attempt at rallying his troops with the "Dean … [Read more...]

Obama’s Head Cremation Urn – Made in Vermont!

Obama Cremation Urn

Just when you've think you've seen it all, now you can have your cremated, mortal remains enshrined in Obama's empty head! But fear not because there's a good chance that you may be able to get inside George Bush's equally vacant head as well. Best of all, this appears to be a serious offering from a company in Arlington, Vermont called Cremation Solutions. The price is only … [Read more...]

Good Paying Vermont Jobs – R.I.P?

I remember renting a home in South Burlington back in 1987 for $650 per month. That was pretty steep back then even though I was earning $9 per hour (which was a decent wage in 1987). Anyway, I eventually ended up taking a 10 year job with UPS for a $11 per hour as a starting driver. Back then, loading trucks was $9 per hour. Fairly good wages especially for the Northeast … [Read more...]

Fox News: The Truth About Vermont

From the Bill O'Reilly website:Talking Points Memo & Top Story The Truth About Vermont Guest: Joe McQuaid, Publisher of the Manchester Union Leader "Vermont is one of ten states that have rejected Jessica's Law, which imposes harsh prison terms on child predators. The law was beaten down by state representative Bill Lippert, who instead drove a law through that imposes … [Read more...]