Vermont’s Funniest Gubernatorial Debate Moments

Vermont Debate

Politics in Vermont are like none anywhere else. It's refreshing to see anyone get a chance and go toe to toe with the slick talking politicians and professionals. Although having Howard "The Scream" Dean commenting on the debates is quite ironic. After all, he made a fool of himself on a grand scale, worldwide, with his bizarre attempt at rallying his troops with the "Dean … [Read more...]

Vermont Ghost Towns – Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin, which is also known as Ricker Mills is one of  Vermont's "ghost towns" that was abandoned back in the early 1900's after two floods devastated the small community. What remains today and is there any truth to the legends and ghost stories surrounding this long abandoned Vermont community? Read the full article here or check out the huge Ricker Basin photo gallery. … [Read more...]

New Book by Joe Citro – Vermont’s Haunts


Halloween is not far away and it's been awhile since we've seen a new book from Joe Citro. This year we're in for an early treat! Great new book from Vermont's own Joe Citro, the number one authority for all weird and ghostly Vermont tales. Oddly enough, you can't find this new book in most VT bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. So much for "Shop Local". Get it via the link … [Read more...]

Vermont County Fairs and Something Missing?

Vermont State Fair

The colors of autumn are just around the corner. Two things that signal the upcoming Vermont foliage season are country fairs and corn fields with 7-ft cornstalks almost ready for harvest. I received an e-mail a few weeks ago from someone suggesting that I write an article about the declining amount of fun to be had at the Vermont county fairs. In his words, “none of the fairs … [Read more...]

Goat Manure Spontaneously Combusts in Windsor, VT


Big news in Vermont! A herd of goats waits at the feed trough at Oak Knoll Dairy in Windsor, Vt., on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013. One of the farm's manure piles spontaneously caught fire early Wednesday, but causing no damage. Farm owner George Redick says the manure would typically have been spread around the farm earlier in the year, but the rainy season and other factors kept … [Read more...]