Smugglers Notch Vermont Timeshares

Vermont Timeshares

Although we've all heard about those fabled timeshares in Mexico and the Caribbean, not many people realize that there are some great timeshare opportunities in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Vermont TimeShare Brokerage is a full service brokerage specializing exclusively in timeshare resales at Smugglers’ Notch Resort, in Jeffersonville, just a stone's throw from Stowe … [Read more...]

Why You Cannot Afford to Live in Vermont

Working in Vermont

This is part one of a series which is long past due. This is an ongoing issue that most other media outlets, for some reason, have considered too much of a taboo to investigate and report. Yet, everyone in Vermont is aware of these issues. An honest, public debate on the subject deserves to take front and center. "Work hard while others sit watching TV" reads one sign along … [Read more...]

Fighting America’s heroin epidemic in Vermont

Heroin in Vermont

Vermont is far from the idyllic place it used to be. Hard working farmers, church suppers and small towns where everybody knew each other are rapidly fading into the past. For those of us who have lived here for generations, it's heartbreaking. Although many, including Vermont's governor, Peter Shumlin, would conveniently point their fingers at the influx of out of state, big … [Read more...]

Vermont’s Funniest Gubernatorial Debate Moments

Vermont Debate

Politics in Vermont are like none anywhere else. It's refreshing to see anyone get a chance and go toe to toe with the slick talking politicians and professionals. Although having Howard "The Scream" Dean commenting on the debates is quite ironic. After all, he made a fool of himself on a grand scale, worldwide, with his bizarre attempt at rallying his troops with the "Dean … [Read more...]

Vermont Ghost Towns – Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin, which is also known as Ricker Mills is one of  Vermont's "ghost towns" that was abandoned back in the early 1900's after two floods devastated the small community. What remains today and is there any truth to the legends and ghost stories surrounding this long abandoned Vermont community? Read the full article here or check out the huge Ricker Basin photo gallery. … [Read more...]