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Pick Vermont For Your Very First Ski Vacation

by Melissa Dixon

Vermont is considered to be the ski capital of the Eastern United States, and it’s easy to see why. With hundreds of thousands of skiers hitting the states many ski resorts every year, and a host of mountainous destinations available you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the right destination for you. According to the New York Times, the peaks in Vermont are high but the prices are low, making it the ideal skiing location. If you’ve never skied before but would love to try then Vermont is the perfect place to visit for your very first ski vacation. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Plenty to Do

It may seem like an odd reason to promote it as a skiing destination, but Vermont is a wonderful place to visit for your first ski vacation because there is so much more to do than simply ski! When you’re first learning to ski you may find that your legs ache and you aren’t able to spend as much time on the slopes as you expected: this is because you’re using muscles that everyday activities such as walking or running simply don’t use. During a seven day ski trip, most first time skiers will only actually spend three days on the slopes. You won’t be bored when you have your first ski vacation in Vermont though: in fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to other things to see and do! If skiing isn’t giving you your fill of outdoor pursuits then there are plenty of ice skating rinks available in Vermont: you’ll find huge Olympic sized indoor rinks in Stowe and Burlington and if you’re looking for outdoor skating then you can try your hand at Nordic Skating on both Lake Willoughby and Lake Champlain. Nordic Skater report that this kind of skating will help you avoid the cold toes and floppy ankles you tend to get with conventional ice skating. If spending time on ice is your idea of winter fun, then Vermont is also home to plentiful locations for ice fishing: the perfect way to spend an afternoon because snuggling up with a mug of delicious hot chocolate! Finally, ensure you make time for at least one leisurely dining experience in one of Vermont’s low key but delicious restaurants. After all, you’ll need to stock up on calories for all that skiing you’re sure to do!

Expert Tuition

A lot of people taking their first ski vacation (especially if you’re taking your first ski vacation as an adult) will be travelling with people that already know how to ski. However you shouldn’t let your experienced skiing friends become your skiing instructors: they may teach you poor technique, get bored of giving you lessons, or take you up to slopes beyond your abilities. Ultimate Ski report that for first time skiers, ski lessons are a must. The only way to really learn to ski is to enrol into a ski school. Luckily, there are a host of expert and affordable ski schools throughout Vermont. The lessons available from the school on Bromley Mountain in particular come highly recommended. One bonus of travelling with seasoned skiers though is that they can lend you plenty of the equipment you’ll need, or advise you on the best brands and styles to hire: this will save you a fortune when it comes to buying the gear you’ll need or want for your first ski trip!

What Are You Waiting For?

Learn to ski and snowboard in VermontThere’s still time to book a ski vacation in Vermont and enjoy a last minute getaway before the ski season is officially over. In fact, now is the time to bag a last minute trip. If you’d like to try your hand at skiing for the very first time then now is the perfect time to head to Vermont and hit the slopes. The end of the ski season tends to be much quieter than the beginning of the ski season, when the slopes are packed full of seasoned skiers keen to see some powder. That means you’ll have more space to practice your newly acquired skiing techniques, the slopes won’t be too crowded, and neither will the bars and restaurants when you decide you need some well-deserved après ski! We’re also lucky in Vermont because the end of winter doesn’t necessarily mean the end of skiing: resorts such as Killington see snow throughout March and even offer skiing in early April most years. It’s also worth bearing in mind that ski passes tend to be much cheaper at this time of year: what better reason to book your vacation and hit the slopes now?