Vermont GhostsHalloween and Vermont Ghost Stories

The autumn leaves are almost gone and spread upon the ground all around the Green Mountains. The warm breezes of fall have quickly changed to strong, cold gusts with rain coming down. Perhaps there is no better way to usher in Halloween and celebrate the end of a beautiful summer. The traditional Vermont ghost stories abound and it would seem that every year, the tales have become more prominent. Vermont's "ghostmaster general" and expert author of all eerie Vermont things, Joe Citro is making the rounds and exciting all with his wonderful tales of spooky Vermont folklore. 2014 has been a scary year even without Halloween. Frightening tales of appaling terrorism and Ebola have a way of making vampires, sooks and "the walking dead" seem like tame diversions. Let's hope that next year, Halloween is the only scary night in late October that we have on our minds.

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A Premature Burial in New Haven Vermont?

New Haven Evergreen Cemetery

Haunted Inns and Ghostly Getaways of Vermont (Haunted America)

Thea Lewis, of Queen City Ghostwalk fame, has just published a new book about haunted inns and other ghostly getaways in Vermont. Without a doubt, Thea had fertile ground for quirky and creepy topics to write about. Stowe's Green Mountain Inn, Timothy Clark Smith's odd burial at Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven and the "Ghost Town of Glastenbury" are all included for you to enjoy on a spooky, dark Vermont night.

Some of the stories exist here on and Thea graciously credited this website with some of the images and material provided to her concerning the ghostly Highgate Manor (and the shenanigans that took place there that weren't quite so paranormal). Halloween is just around the corner and this book is an early treat so grab a copy now or download the Kindle version. Haunted Inns and Ghostly Getaways of Vermont (Haunted America)