Woodstock Sleigh Ride

A Winter Sleigh Ride in Woodstock, Vermont

I'm not sure who the photographer is, who took this absolutely wonderful winter scene in Woodstock, but I do know a little of the story behind it. I have always loved this photo. You could purchase it at the bookstore in Stowe, VT years ago. It came in either an oval or rectangular frame. I purchased the rectangular version in 1998, and it's one of my favorite Vermont images. I had also seen it at a store in Woodstock but these days, it seems to have disappeared entirely.
The story behind the photo according to the store owner in Woodstock was that a photographer had been out shooting that day and just happen to stop and take this shot as his last one that day. It was photographed shortly before parking meters were installed on the posts and the house on the left has long since been painted yellow. Definitely one of my favorite images of Vermont!

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Hoping 2015 in Vermont is a good one

The GovernorLot's of interesting things happened in Vermont during 2014. IBM employees held their collective breaths and wondered what would happen to their jobs. Fortunately, the Globalfoundries buyout alleviated some of the fears and only tiome will tell what the future holds, though things look ok so far.
The Vermont Health (dis)Connect debacle still casts it's shadow over health care insurance in VT. As of January, many of us are still waiting for our invoices which have yet to arrive. The whole program was fraught with glitches and errors right from the get go and that trend has continued into 2015.
Despite the dismal support for Governor Peter Shumlin at election time in 2014, he still managed to retain his title courtesy of the powers that be in Montpeculiar. Although Scott Milne was for the most part an unknown, the feeling throughout the state was "anyone BUT Shumlin". At this point many are left feeling as if they'd be better off with "Governor" from The Walking Dead TV show.