Will IBM Close in Vermont?

IBM has been the cornerstone of world class jobs in Vermont for many years now. Unfortunately, times change and the once thriving business in Essex Junction is a fading memeory of what it once was. In the late 1990's, at least 8000 or more people were employed there until the massive layoffs occurred the early 2000's. According to VT Digger in an article published on July 15, 2014, an imminent group sale that many had hoped for may have fallen through. This would probably be the worst case scenario as the future of IBM would remain even more murky than if it were purchased by GlobalFoundries.

A Gorgeous Summer Day on Lake Champlain

Lake Champain

Bald Eagles Becoming More Common in Vermont

Bald Eagle in VermontBald eagle sightings in Vermont have been relatively rare over the past years but now, they're making a comeback. As a symbol of America, signifying strength and hope, the presence of these majestic birds in the Green Mountains is a welcome sight.
There are 16 known, bald eagle nesting sites in Vermont, according to John Buck a VT widllife bioligist. The bald eagles begin the mating process in January or February of the year with hatchlings coming into the world during the spring months.
It's also a cycle of life that fish and wildlife officials, like Buck, say people need to respect. "Invariably they get too close, can disturb the nest and that may result in abandonment and failure. We certainly don't want that to happen while these birds are making their claim back to this state," said Buck.