Vermont Ghost Stories: Emily's Bridge, Stowe, VT

Stowe - Emily's bridge - In the 19th century a girl was going to elope with the man of her dreams. (Even though her parents disliked the man entirely) He told her to meet him at the covered bridge nearest to their homes the next day at noon. When she got there no one was there. she waited for hours and he never showed. She was so desperate for his love she committed suicide. So the legend goes although some say that there is no evidence that "Emily" ever existed in the first place. You decide.

Supposedly if you go there at night and drive your car she will sometimes call out for "help" and scratch your vehicle or do something to it as you go through. Also you can see a translucent glowing figure walk up and down the bridge.

Emily's Bridge StoweAnother explanation of Emily's alleged ghostly existence is: a woman died (probably by her own hands) and haunts "her" bridge. She died in the 1800's and people (and cars and horses) have from time to time gotten scratches on them from unseen nails. Also lights and noises can supposedly be heard.

Note: I have been through the bridge many times over the years but have never experienced or seen anything out of the ordinary. If there really is a "ghostly Emily" guarding the bridge, she must be on her break whenever I've driven through. Either that or she sympathizes with the fact that my car is 10 years old and prefers to scratch newer models.

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