Beetlejuice Filmed in Vermont

Beetlejuice was a Tim Burton movie partially filmed in East Corinth, VT

…though it takes place mostly in one location — a house where Adam and Barbara Maitland lived, and which the Deitz family moved into after the Maitlands died in a horrible car accident. The town of East Corinth was used as the exterior location shots. A miniature replica of “the town” was built and used in the movie. The rumor that the miniature itself now resides at the East Corinth Library, is apparently false. The librarian confirms that the miniature was never housed at the library, at any time.  The East Corinth Library is the brick building in the town shots that Mr. Deitz remarks about “nice parking” when he views it in his binoculars in the movie.

The building used as the school house at the end of the movie is actually the town’s Mason Hall. The covered bridge in the movie was specially built and the road leading to and from the bridge do not actually exist. During the opening sequence of the film, which was filmed via helicopter, the town residents were asked to stay inside during the filming.

The house itself was merely a facade built in East Corinth with four ‘tilt up walls’, bolted together at the corners to create a box. The roof was actually a painted canvas scrim. During the establishing shots, the dead air space created by the four walls and the roof were inflated, giving the illusion of a structural roof. There was not even a single scene shot for the movie from within the house you see throught the film, all done on a soundstage at Culver Studios in Southern California.
Unfortunately, the real town itself has not fared as well as the picture perfect “movie town” that appears in the movie as the videos below will show.

Update 2015: Tim Burton is considering a follow up called Beetlejuice 2, which despite a petition, most likely will not be filmed in Vermont, like the original.

According to an article in Seven Days:

Even more worrisome, while Burton has said he plans to direct Beetlejuice 2, he told Yahoo! Movies that “I wouldn’t call it so much a sequel.” While Keaton’s return is likely, that of Davis and Baldwin — and their unspoiled New England town — seems much less so.